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Resources to help you get the most out of mobile market research
Mobile research best practices webinar

Mobile Research Best Practices

Learn how to design questionnaires and surveys that deliver better insights from your customers and fans on mobile.

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Ezine: Best practices on all things Gen Z market research

Best Practices for Gen Z Market Research

Everything you need to know about reaching, connecting and engaging with today's Gen Z consumers.

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Future of Insight Communities

The Future of Insight Communities in a Mobile-First World

Learn how to exploit the power and constraints of the mobile phone to get more out of your insight community platform.

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Gen Z market research webinar

The mobile imperative: Best practices for Gen Z market research

Discover how leading brands in CPG, retail, media and tech are re-imagining how they conduct Gen Z market research.

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Keep Your New Customers - thumbnail

Keep your new customers

Learn how consumer behaviors and attitudes are changing during the COVID pandemic—and what your company can expect moving forward.

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How to write conversational surveys your customers will love

Write conversational surveys your customers will love to complete

Most surveys feel like a test. Here's what you can do about it.

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Mobile-first approaches to capture videos that reveal more authentic, richer insights

Using mobile-first approaches to capture videos

Learn how to capture high-quality videos that reveal the authentic thougths and feelings of your customers.

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The insight pro's guide to Gen Z engagement

What you need to know about Gen Z market research

Discover the 3 priciples you need to master to get deeper insights from Gen Zs.

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Engaging with Gen Zs and Millennials

Golden rules for youth engagement

Gen Zs and Millennials don't respond to traditional market research methods. Here's what you can do about it.

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Market research tips to engaging with women gamers

Engaging with women gamers for insights

Proven ways of getting authentic feedback from women gamers—a group that now makes up 41% of the gaming community.

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How to engage Gen Z gamers for market research

Engaging Gen Z gamers for insights

Learn proven tactics on how to get authentic feedback from young gamers.

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The future of gaming is her

Through our market research platform, Reach3 Insights engaged 900 women gamers in the US, Germany and China to understand their experience playing online games.

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5 tips for mobile-first qual insights

5 tips for mobile-first qual insights

In today's mobile-first world, you shouldn't be using antiquated, email-based techniques anymore to get qual insights.

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How REVOLT used next-gen qual approaches to understand political disengagement among youth during the 2020 US Presidential Elections

Using next-gen qual techniques to understand political disengagement among youth

Lynzie Riebling, VP of Insights at REVOLT TV, shares how they used Rival to understand the complex issues leading to political dis-engagement among Gen Z and Millennial voters.

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What gaming companies need to know about women in gaming

What you need to know about women in gaming

If the gaming indusry wants to attract more women gamers, it needs to stop relying on stereotypes.

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The Future of Insights is Conversational

Explore the future of insights

The third wave of online marketing research is here. Are you ready for it?

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CMO Playbook 2021

2021 CMO Playbook

Discover the consumer trends that will define 2021 and get an action plan to win. 

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Webinar: How to create conversational surveys (

10 tips for chat survey design

Learn our secret sauce for creating chats that deliver a better respondent experience, improve response rates and capture deeper, richer insights.

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Stop relying on recall

Stop relying on recall

Learn how to get in-the-moment feedback by engaging your customers in real-time.

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Infographic: Chats versus online surveys

Chats are a complete reimagining of the survey experience optimized for mobile. 

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research on research on the effectiveness of chatbot or conversational surveys such as those from Wizu or Rival Technologies

How chat surveys impact the respondent experience and data quality

A research-on-research examining the use of chats as a new survey methodology. 

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chatbot survey best practices - ebook from Rival Technologies

Create effective chat surveys

Learn how to optimize your online surveys for messaging channels.

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