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Everything you need to know about conversational insights
Webinar: How to create conversational surveys (

10 tips for chat survey design

Learn our secret sauce for creating chats that deliver a better respondent experience, improve response rates and capture deeper, richer insights.

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Market Research Trends

10 predictions on the future of insights

Discover the trends and technologies that will shape market research in 2020 and beyond. 

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Stop relying on recall

Stop relying on recall

Learn how to get in-the-moment feedback by engaging your customers in real-time.

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Infographic: Chats versus online surveys

Chats are a complete reimagining of the survey experience optimized for mobile. 

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research on research on the effectiveness of chatbot or conversational surveys such as those from Wizu or Rival Technologies

How chat surveys impact the respondent experience and data quality

A research-on-research examining the use of chats as a new survey methodology. 

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chatbot survey best practices - ebook from Rival Technologies

Create effective chat surveys

Learn how to optimize your online surveys for messaging channels.

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Contact Rival Technologies sales team for pricing and demo

Request a demo

Get in touch with our product experts to learn how chat, voice and video technologies can help you reach mobile-first consumers. 

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How to make your chat surveys GDPR compliant

A short guide for market researchers

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