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Rival Technologies - Market Research and Insights Platform From the Founder of Vision Critical

A purpose-built, mobile-first market research platform

From directional insights to deep customer understanding, Rival has re-imagined how sophisticated market research is conducted on a mobile phone.


Built for researchers by researchers.

Quantitative mobile survey tool from Rival Technologies
Sophisticated Tooling
With robust and sophisticated customer research functionality, you can run rigorous quantitative studies and collect rich qualitative feedback with selfie videos, photos and open ends.
Robust and sophisticated customer market research technology
Customers Love Chats
Respondents prefer chats over flat surveys. Happy respondents are more likely to complete surveys, provide authentic feedback and agree to follow-up engagements.
In-the-moment, real-time market research platform from Rival Technologies
Fast and Effective
Get in-moment feedback when you need it. Mobile communities are up and running in just a matter of days, and chats keep people engaged over time.
Video feedback platform -- alternative to Voxpopme and LivingLens
Video Feedback
Let customers tell their own stories, in their own words. Punctuate rigorous quant feedback with selfie videos and photos to reveal the underlying attitudes and motivations that drive consumer behavior.
Mobile reporting for market research teams
Mobile Reporting
Inspire action with our media-rich, mobile first reporting capabilities. Your stakeholders can see results in real-time right on their mobile phone.

A Better, More Modern Way to Gather Insights

Mobile-first market research platform


We see an average 60% response rate within hours of deployment. Mobile-first insights are richer because the details are fresh.

Conversational insights platform from Rival Technologies


Our approach uses plain language, asks direct and meaningful questions, iterates on ideas by learning/following up in smaller engagements

Longitudinal community market research platform from Rival Technologies


Fast, iterative and on-going. Over 40% of respondents agree to participate in future chats so you can ask follow-up questions and learn more overtime.

Trusted by the best and brightest research teams
REVOLT Media - In-the-Moment Insights

Sean Combs' music cable network uses the Rival platform to capture in-the-moment feedback.

Canucks Sports & Entertainment - market research and business intelligence software
Canucks Sports & Entertainment
Chat surveys sent live during games help the Canucks improve all aspects of the fan experience.
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We make it easy for you to get the support you need to succeed

From ad-hoc projects to multi-lingual customer communities our flexible service model provides the level of support that matches your business needs. From setup to everyday deployments, you can expect best-in-class support from our team made up of seasoned experts in community engagement and market research.

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Assisted Service With Rival

Rival’s team offers a unique combination of market research experience, account management expertise and technical skills. Working closely with our customers every step of the way, we’ll manage the on-boarding process, recruitment, community management and research programs so you can focus on what you need to succeed.

Our full-service, sister company: Reach3

Reach3 Insights is a strategic research consultancy that develops conversational insight solutions for today’s modern, agile enterprise. Part of Reid Campbell Group and a sister company to Rival Technologies, the company uses immersive, in-the-moment research designs, intelligent analytics and dynamic digital storytelling to deliver deep experiential insights.

Visit the Reach3 website for more info

Here's what’s new from Rival


Consumer Closeness in the Age of Social Distancing

Capturing insights from a mobile community of thousands of North American consumers to uncover the human aspect of the COVID-19 pandemic.



Marketing Best Practices During COVID-19

Learn how to adjust your marketing campaigns for the realities of the global pandemic.



How effective are chat surveys, really?

How effective are chat surveys, really?

Read our research-on-research on the impact of conversational surveys ("chats") on the respondent experience and data quality.


Talking to customers isn’t new but how we are doing it is.

Book some time with one of our product experts today to learn more.