At Rival Technologies, we're rethinking research with voice, video, and chat solutions optimized for the 'Mobile First' generation. We Rival traditional surveys with conversational tech that drives instant engagement, appeals to all demographics and fosters on going dialog with hard-to-reach customers. Talking to customers isn't new, but how we are doing it is.


For marketing and research teams, messaging and chat add value at the relationship level by replacing surveys with a two-way dialogue that persists over time. Instead of a survey, you send out a chat. And because chats are ongoing and conversational, it ends up being a more personal and engaging way to stay connected. Isn't it time you started talking with your customers again?

Elevate Your Research

  • Hi


  • Actually, research. But to
    customers, it looks like
    chat .

  • Sounds Great!

  • Yup… instead of a survey
    you send
    out a Chat .

  • Over email?

  • Nope… we do it with a Chatbot hosted in
    a Voice or Messaging app.

Your Success Equals
Our Success

At Rival, we appreciate that training and change management can be a challenge for teams embracing new technology. It’s why we are so committed to user experience, and why we support our tools with a world class customer success team. From set-up to everyday deployments, we’ll be with you every step of the way.


A love for the craft of research is what motivates our team to be change agents. It’s the higher PURPOSE that drives our innovation, and the WHY that inspires our rivalry with the outdated and the staid. At Rival, we’ve been loving market research for over 20 years - we know the practice well, and we’re absolutely convinced that the future is conversational. Sign up today to join the conversation… we know you’re going to LOVE IT.

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