Learn how brands like Kellogg's, Diageo, Brunswick, Allbirds, and Dell Technologies are using the Rival platform to run modern, mobile-first insight communities. 

Highlights from the presentation

Matt Kleinschmit, Founder and CEO of Reach3 Insights, and Jennifer Reid, Co-CEO and Chief Methodologist of Rival Group, reveal how top brands are modernizing their insight communities through mobile and chat-based research techniques.  

3:08: An insight community continues to be very valuable for modern business. It gives marketers and insight professionals direct access to their customers, and allows consumers to engage with their favorite brands.  

3:54: Due to the longitudinal nature of an insight community, brands can develop a deeper understanding of consumers over time. This allows you to send shorter, more relevant surveys and get real-time feedback faster.  

5:30: Dell Technologies uses the Rival platform to run their Dell Neighborhood community.  

9:06: Insight communities have use cases in strategy, product, marketing, and customer experience.  

10:17: Community 2.0 is a reimagination of insight communities for the mobile-first era. The four pillars of Community 2.0 are as follows: 

1. Engage using a respondent-first approach
2. Understand with agility, flexibility, and scale
3. Optimize using modern approaches
4. Elevate your insights and storytelling  

13:25: Research is a conversation, not a test. Conversational surveys sent via Community 2.0 use plain language and a user interface that feels organic and fresh for participants. Community 2.0 also delivers an experience that aligns with the brand’s identity.  

15:36: Working with Reach3 Insights and using the Rival platform, Diageo reimagined its approach to its Spirit Insiders community.  

24:50: In traditional research, it could take time to find the right people that fit your demographics and ask a series of profiling questions. With an insight community, you usually have this info from your members, allowing you to jump straight into the business or research question at hand.  

27:28: Community 2.0 combines quant, qual, and video so you can get a deeper understanding of your customers.  

29:49: Lenovo uses their community to engage consumers about a wide variety of topics, including those that might be sensitive in nature. Establishing trust is key to getting insights on these themes.  

33:34: To improve effectiveness and cost-efficiency, a multi-channel approach works best when recruiting an insight community. This approach recruits participants through 4 major buckets:  

1. Established sources –samples providers, panels and email data bases
2. Live intercepts – QR codes, your website or brand’s app
3. Social sampling – organic and paid posts
4. APIs and Web hooks – Rival APIs  

37:10: Seattle Surge recruits via TikTok, Discord and other next-gen recruitment channels to bring in unheard voices into their research.  

38:47: Brunswick uses Rival APIs to connect the customer journey to their community activities.  

41:06: APIs allow you to recruit customers to your insight community on an ongoing basis in an automated way.  

42:35: An insight community is most engaged when research is interesting, relevant, short, and friendly. With Community 2.0, participants don’t have to download an app or remember another password.  

43:57: Allbirds uses next-gen sharebacks to engage their insight community.  

46:55: The Rival platform includes real-time video transcription and sentiment analysis for open ends, including video feedback. 

48:58: Next-gen, mobile deliverables from Reach3 allow Kellogg’s to inspire action within the organization.  

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