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Community 2.0 is a modern, mobile-first platform designed to increase your impact and the overall utility of your insight community.

In this session, Jennifer Reid, president and chief methodologist at Rival Technologies, breaks down the four pillars that make up Community 2.0 and reveal best practices to bring each pillar to life. Featuring case studies from global brands like Cathay Pacific, Dell and IVF Store, this session shows what’s possible when you combine the full power of mobile tech with integrated services.

Highlights from the presentation:

1:36: Community 2.0 is about helping global researchers make a bigger impact. Jen explains, "We want research to have tremendous amount of visibility. When you show your results, we want the people in the room to put their phones down and sit up and lean in."

03:19: Delivering a respondent-first experience begins with a mobile-first experience. And mobile is the best way to reach global consumers today. "Mobile is the way of modern times, and it is the great leveler of the playing field," explains Jen.

05:02: Rwanda Women’s Network and Proteknôn Foundation for Innovation and Learning used mobile tech to engage young women in Rwanda about sexual health—a sensitive topic that would have been difficult to navigate using traditional research techniques. 

06:33: Research is a conversation, not a test. When done right, research should drive brand engagement. 

10:45: A video overview from IVF Store shows how they use Community 2.0 to invite clinicians to their insight community. 

13:15: Building your community members' dynamic profiles allows you to deliver a personalized experience and facilitates a more iterative approach to capturing insights. 

17:01: Cathay Pacific created a short-term insight community to get a richer and more nuanced understanding of people's perceptions on sustainability. 

18:58: The ability to capture videos adds richness and context to your story and insights. The best way to get video feedback is to use videos. 

21:11: Community management should be more lightweight. Old-school tactics like portals or member hubs, mobile apps, and email newsletters can be replaced with techniques that are more aligned with how people chat with each other. 

22:32: Community 2.0 opens up new opportunities for recruitment; while you can still tap into traditional sample providers and databases, you can also recruit through social media, your company's mobile app, QR codes at live events, and APIs and webhooks, just to name a few next-gen sources. 

24:25: When choosing an insight community platform, it's important to work with a market research supplier that understands nuances in different markets. From the way you need to handle data privacy and video recordings to what's allowed in sweepstakes and incentives, there's a lot to consider. 

25:21: Insight communities are a "leaky bucket." You need to recruitment and review community health on an ongoing basis. 

26:53: Use innovative tools like real-time topline reports and video reels to capture the attention of your stakeholders and decision-makers.

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