The Great Respondent Revolt

A Q&A webinar featuring Jason Jacobson, Senior Director of Consumer Insights at Sekisui House jason jacobson - 200 x 200

Survey fatigue is at a breaking point—and it is threatening the very existence of research, CX and insights. 

In their quest to be more data-driven, companies today are flooding consumer inboxes. From store visits to takeout orders, from NPS to customer support feedback, people are drowning in survey requests. 

This phenomenon of over-surveying has downstream effects on response rates, research costs, speed to insights, data quality, customer relationships, and even brand reputation.

So, what's the solution? In this dynamic, 30-minute session, Jason and Andrew Reid, CEO and Founder at Rival Technologies, explore practical ways of battling survey fatigue—reimagining the participant experience and capturing deeper, more meaningful insights in the process. 

Conversation themes:

  • Why the Great Respondent Revolt is a key trend in 2024
  • How survey fatigue is contributing to the growing problem of unreliable feedback
  • The flaws of popular research practices in getting more accurate, thoughtful feedback
  • What research innovations can help increase reliability and relevance

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