Insight Community 2.0

A mobile-first platform that helps maxed-out researchers work with more agility, get more out of their budget, and make a bigger impact

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A seamless, no-stress approach to conversational, chat-based research

Maximize your productivity, agility, and budget on a community platform that delivers quant capabilities, self-guided qual studies, and video. All of this with the ongoing support of the best customer success team in market research at no extra cost.

Check out the video below to see how Dell uses their Rival mobile chat community.

Why you need Community 2.0

Rival's blend of mobile-first, chat-based tech, a game-changing conversational approach, and a fully integrated services model removes the hassles of traditional communities and panels, and lets you focus on what matters: generating insights that drive strategy forward.

Rival Technologies is a SOC2 Type 2 certified organization, in addition to being ISO27001:2013 and HIPAA/HITECH certified as part of Rival Group Inc. Click here to learn more.


Focus on
strategic output
and storytelling

Predict changes in consumer behaviors

Spend less on
recruitment, incentives,
sample, and panels


Get high quality,
customer-validated insights
amplified by video

Test Messaging and Sustain Growth

Capture the attention
of your colleagues
and stakeholders

The 4 pillars of Community 2.0

Connect with people where they are

Complement traditional sample sources with next-gen recruitment to engage a diverse and engaged community

Insight community Insight community platform

Mobile-First Engagement

Exploit powerful mobile features to capture quant and qual insights at scale, faster than ever before

Quant and qual market research platform to drive brand loyalty Rival Technologies - Quant and qual market research platform to drive brand loyalty

Conversational in tone and approach

Talk to your community members like people instead of putting them in test-taking mode

Conversational approach to insight communities Conversational approach to insight communities

Dynamic profiles & personalization

Enable iterative learning while improving both the research and brand experience

Dynamic profiles and personalization in insight communities Dynamic profiles and personalization in insight communities

"In making the switch there were three things that were important to me. It was the technology and what it enabled us to learn, it was the partnership and the people I’d be working with, and the cost-effectiveness of doing research this way."
-Danica Daly, Shopper Insights Lead, Diageo

10x your impact with mobile-first approaches

Mobile tech has enabled new ways of engaging with consumers in real-time—opening exciting new use cases for your insight communities.

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Built with members in mind

Rival delivers an unparalleled respondent experience, which drives better response rates, better data, and faster time to insights.

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Insight communities in the mobile-first era

Innovative researchers are evolving their approach to keep up with changing consumer expectations and behaviors.

Using social channels for recruitment

Social media provides an opportunity to engage with consumers where they are—if you use the right approaches.

Case study with Diageo

A leading brand in premium beverages switches to the world's most innovative insight community platform.

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