Rival the way you conduct research with Community 2.0

The next wave of insight communities



Qualitative Communities

  • A few members (<300)
  • A few months to get first insights
  • Intimate but limited
  • Qual only
  • Expensive



Qualitative Communities/ Panels

  • Many members
  • A few weeks to get first insights
  • Impersonal, high member churn
  • Qual only
  • ROI after 1 year



Conversational Communities
(Community 2.0)

  • Many members
  • A few hours to get first insights
  • High engagement and response rates
  • Combo of quant and qual
  • ROI in months

Introducing Community 2.0:
Rival’s Insight Community Solution

An insight community is most engaging when research is interesting, relevant, short, and friendly.

Community 2.0 combines quant, qual, and unlimited video so you can get a deeper understanding of your customers. Participants don’t have to download an app or remember another password.

Why Rival for your Insight Community?

Conversational research approach

Conversational approach

Mobile-first market research

Mobile-first experience

Unlimited video surveys for market research

Unlimited video responses

Top survey tool platforms and software for market research

Sophisticated research tooling

Best market research company

Outstanding CSM team


Delivering value to innovative insight leaders

Pillars of Community 2.0

1. A member-first approach to engagement

Reach consumers where they are and speak to them in a way that’s engaging and authentic.

2. Agility, flexibility and scale

Ask your target consumers anything, anytime! A scalable, cost-effective solution to getting both quick, tactical answers or running in-depth, strategic research studies.

3. Robust report and strategic storytelling

Elevate your insights with mobile toplines, interactive deliverables and more. Reporting, data visualization, crosstabs, and significance testing are all available out of the box. AI Insight Summarizer makes analyzing qual and video feedback a breeze.

4. Modern community management

Increase engagement and retain members to get ongoing, richer insights. From short, engaging surveys to sharebacks, from incentives to ongoing recruitment, Rival’s tech and services maximize your ROI.

Research community examples - alternative to Fuel Cycle and  Alida

Jason Cook

Senior Manager, Research and Design, Dell Technologies

My team runs multiple customer research panels, and one of those is powered by Rival. And far and away, Rival is our fastest method when it comes to speed to insights for questions.

Deeper, faster and better insights


Increase in words when members share via video instead of open text


Of community members complete surveys within 1 hour


Recontact rate


Rival the status quo

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