Why Insight Communities

An effective and cost-efficient tool to capturing customer insights

Get closer with your customers with insight communities

Business leaders today need to get high-quality insights fast. The problem? It’s increasingly hard to engage real people at a reasonable cost and catch them in moments that matter.

On the flip side, consumers are over traditional surveys, overwhelmed with requests to provide feedback. And they have no idea where their information even goes.

That’s where an insight community comes in.

What are Insight Communities?

An insight community (sometimes referred to as an "insights community" or a market research community or research panel) is a group of consumers who’ve agreed to participate in ongoing research. Participants are recruited (Rival can help with this) into a private and secure online environment where they can provide real-time, authentic feedback regularly.

Community 2.0 is the next wave of insight communities. Check out the video below for an overview.

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What makes an insight community a community?

A shared mission

Whether they’re regular consumers or just think your brand is doing amazing things, community members are invested in the final outcome.

Permission to engage again

Since community members agree to participate, you have a group of consumers who are willing to answer questions.

An ability to build on what you already know

Insight community features like Profile Variables make it easy to develop a deeper understanding of your members, send hyper-relevant activities, and get increasingly better feedback.

Larisa Mats - Brunswick Corporation

Launched on Rival’s platform, The Ripl insight community has already provided immeasurable value. It has replaced the need to invest significant resources into siloed, ad-hoc research projects.

Larisa Mats

Consumer & Market Insights Leader, Brunswick

When should I use an insight community?

The simple answer: when you need actionable insights from consumers or fans.

An insight community is a great way to explore, develop, and test. It’s a way to gain more in-depth qualitative and quantitative data, as well as video feedback, in less time for less money. Plus, it validates if your marketing plan is the right way to go and can speed up the development of new services and products your customers want.

What are the benefits of a customer insight community?

Instant feedback

Forget having to search for
people and long response times.
Get reliable feedback that’s relevant asap.

Fully integrated

Use your steady stream of
customer-focused insights to
help guide daily decision-making.


Compared to traditional methods,
the average cost per study using
insight communities is much cheaper.

The best insight community and research panel company

Deeper convos

A long-lasting relationship paired
with features like video means lots
of rich qualitative data.

Collaborative thinking

Team up with invested
customers to co-create deeper,
business-driving ideas.


Since Community 2.0 is respondent-first,
it delivers better
response rates and better data—faster.

What are the use cases for
insight communities?

  • Immersive Diaries
  • Photo and Video Sharing
  • Mobile Retailer Missions
  • Product Optimization & Features Testing
  • Concept Evaluation and Testing
  • Ideation, Co-Creation, Idea Screening
  • Storytelling and Sentence Starters

And so much more…

But who will join your insight community?

Use insight communities to engage customers interested in your brand

People who are interested in your brand

Whether they’re regular consumers or just think your brand is doing amazing things—these people are invested in the final outcome.

Research communities can be used to get customer insights from people interested in your industry or topic

People who are interested in the topic

Asking people who are already curious about the subject will give you an informed and unique POV.

People who enjoy participating in surveys can join your insight community

People who are interested in the incentive

Everyone loves prizes and free stuff. A good incentive can be a great motivator to get people to join.

Connect with your consumers where they are

A mobile-first approach makes it easier to recruit the right people for your research programs at lightning speed. Whether you’re building your insight community or looking to reach a niche audience for an agile research initiative, our tech lets you seamlessly incorporate next-gen tactics to your recruitment strategy.

4 ways to recruit your insight community with Rival


Established Sources

Email database


Live Intercepts

QR codes


Social Sampling

Organic posts (TikTok,
Instagram Stories, etc.)
Paid ads


APIs and Web Hooks

Rival Recruitment

Rival Technologies case studies, reviews, and testimonials

In making the switch there were three things that were important to me. It was the technology and what it enabled us to learn, it was the partnership and the people I’d be working with, and the cost-effectiveness of doing research this way.

Danica Daly

Shopper Insights Lead, Diageo

Best practices on insight
community management

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