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Proven best practices for in-the-moment research

Engaging with your customers in real-time is an effective way of understanding their authentic opinions, attitudes and preferences. It’s an approach that puts you right in the moment of the experience — and delivers faster, more accurate insights in the process. Download this ebook to learn more. 

Engage your customers in real-time to capture deeper, richer insights  

In-the-moment research is valuable for one simple reason: human memory is not always very reliable. 

In this informative guide, research experts from Rival Technologies reveal our secret sauce to effectively doing in-the-moment research. Full of actionable tips, this ebook is a must-download for market researchers and experiential marketing leaders in sports, media, retail and CPG organizations. 

Download now to learn: 

  • Ditch email-based methods to minimize recall bias in your research
  • Build an opted-in, mobile-first community of customers or fans ready to give you their feedback
  • Time your chats to ensure high response rates
  • Create short and highly engaging conversational chat surveys that capture real-time insights


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  • be_mobile_first
  • consider_your_timing
  • offer_right_incentives

About the Authors


Jennifer Reid

Senior Methodologist, Rival Technologies

A pioneer in online research methodologies,  Jennifer is helping shape the future of insights by leading the charge in the development of chats and other conversational research technologies.


Julia Morton

Director of Customer Success, Rival Technologies

At Rival, Julia helps insight leaders from Fortune 500 brands adopt and maximize the value of emerging conversational research technologies.