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Why customers prefer chats over traditional online surveys

Research on research on conversational surveys or chat surveys - from Rival Technologies

Conversational surveys (or "chats") allow market researchers to capture robust quantitative and rich qualitative feedback via SMS and the mobile web. Mobile-first and conversational in language and tone, chats make it easy to get in-the-moment insights from your customers. 

In this research-on-research, Jennifer Reid, Chief Methodologist and President at Rival Technologies, examines the impact of using chats both to data quality and the respondent experience.

Questions answered in this e-book include the following:

✔️ How do research participants feel about chats as a new way of providing feedback?
✔️ Do mobile surveys sent via SMS introduce any demographic skews?
✔️ Is there a difference between people who answer chats versus those who answer flat surveys?
✔️ How do findings from chats compare to insights gathered from traditional online surveys?

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