Brand Experience Predictor

An innovative mobile chat-based research solution for pre-testing experiential brand activations before you go to market

Predict the Performance of Experiential Brand Activations

Amidst a fragmented media landscape that is making traditional advertising less effective, marketers are increasingly investing in physical and digital experiential brand activations such as creator content, pop-ups, metaverse, stunts, celebrity integrations & events to drive consumer engagement. But a gap in effective pre-testing solutions often leaves marketers guessing winners and losers.

Brand Experience Predictor (BXP) is the first scalable research solution to provide modern marketers with early-stage feedback on the effectiveness and potential of experiential brand activations.


Maximize your Return on Experience (ROE)

BXP features an immersive, mobile chat-based survey experience that brings to life key elements of experiential activations so that consumers can provide fast and contextual feedback. 

Robust predictive measures include:
• Intent to share (word of mouth & social)
• Intent to engage/ purchase
• Brand impact

Testing Realistic Stimuli Across Platforms

Measure social media marketing activations

Social media

Measure marketing effectiveness of metaverse brand activations




Creator content

Creator Content

Measure the effectiveness of video brand activations


Digital ideas

Digital ideas / 360

Measure the effectiveness of pop-up stores

Pop-up Stores

Measure the effectiveness of events and marketing sponsorships


A robust research solution for experiential marketing

Real-time results

Track quant, qual and video feedback before, during and after your activations

Dynamic Experience Dashboard

Dynamic reporting with KPIs and Brand Predictive Score against a normative database


Video selfies add culture and context, bringing consumer feedback to life

Immersive survey experience

A modern research experience that encourages consumers to open up and share deeper insights

Quant surveys and qual chats on Rivals VoC Research Platform
Normative database for measuring brand experiential marketing activations
Personalized engagement using the Rival Technologies platform
bxp chat 2
Ed Keller - The Keller Advisory Group

We designed BXP to predict which types of experiential brand activations will resonate so that modern marketers can master the art and science of brand experience.

Ed Keller

CEO, The Keller Advisory Group

New experiences require new methods and measures

Experiential marketing is now worth $70 billion—and it's set to continue to grow. Learn how BXP can help you pre-test and predict the success of brand activations and boost your marketing ROI.

Curious about the participant experience?

Our conversational, mobile-first approach to research captures deeper, in-the-moment insights from consumers.

Reports, best practices, and more

Experiential Marketing 2.0

Coca-Cola's Greg Pharo on the new metrics and approaches required to measure and predict the success of brand activations.

Brand Experience Barometer Report

An exclusive report revealing how brands can leverage experiences as a unique, and impactful way to engage with target consumers.

Real-time Insights at Live Events

Learn how REVOLT TV, Sean "P.Diddy" Combs' TV network, boosted completion rates and captured quant, qual and video feedback for its Summits

Optimize your brand activations

Connect with our team to learn how to use BXP to pre-test your experiential marketing initiatives.