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Get deeper insights on the needs of your consumers

Consumer segments are fragmented and more susceptible to disruption. To plan effectively, CPG companies must have an understanding of which consumer habits are sticky and which are likely to evolve.

Leaders from top CPG companies are using Rival to understand the underlying factors driving changes in the consumer landscape—and why. 

Do you need Rival's CPG solution?

If you need to inject consumer and shopper insights into every step of the product innovation cycle, then the answer is yes. Chat-based engagements on mobile drive faster response times, higher completion rates, and deeper, richer insights in less time, less effort and less cost.


Rapidly scale your research output economically


Engage harder-to-reach audiences and Gen Zs


Marry strategic and
tactical feedback


Inspire change and elevate the role of insights

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Why research teams in CPG choose Rival

  • Quicker iteration on concepts to find product-market fit sooner
  • Rapid risk assessment and market viability testing at a reasonable price
  • Quant and qual feedback including video on one platform
  • Effective resource allocation and accuracy
  • Powerful storytelling to capture attention and overcome institutional inertia

Maximize your impact with Rival

Cost Efficiency

Reduced research
costs by up to >20%

Increased Productivity

More capacity
without increasing

Speed and Agility

Accelerate speed to
market by months

Marketing Effectiveness

Save hundreds of
thousands on packaging
and promotions

How it works

Rival’s insight community platform uses conversational research principles to help researchers incorporate consumer feedback in every step of the product development process:

Better insights from
both proven and next-gen

  • Immersive Diaries
  • Photo and Video Sharing
  • Mobile Retailer Missions
  • Product Optimization & Features Testing
  • Concept Evaluation and Testing
  • Shop-a-long Interviews
  • Digital Collage
  • Ideation, Co-Creation, Idea Screening
  • Storytelling and Sentence Starters

What's in the box

Rival Technology

Next-Gen Mobile Messaging-Based/Conversational Research software

Full spectrum of service and support

From onboarding to reporting and incentive management we have you covered

Ongoing management and optimization

Community management, ongoing participation monitoring & sweepstakes management/fulfillment through Rival's customer success team, or get white-glove consulting from the CPG experts at Reach3 Insights

Robust tooling and sophisticated question types

Our activities go beyond radio buttons, grids, and text-based open-ends by thoughtfully incorporating quant and qual along with proprietary emotional elicitation exercise and photo and video uploads.

Data sets, dynamic deliverables and reporting

Get a suite of deliverables that enable storytelling and inspire your stakeholders to take action. Work with a multi-disciplinary team to take the wealth of data from your community to drive better business decisions.


Trusted by leaders in consumer and shopper insights


Brian exceeded expectations of key stakeholders and strengthened key retail partnership in 90 days


Laura and her insights team optimized e-commerce conversion to drive 20% sales lift


Mellissa connected with their consumers key moments to better understand habits and preferences.

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