Gen Z insights on-demand

Chat-based engagements that spotlight the issues Gen Zs care about and surface insights that brands use to create relevant products and meaningful experiences.

Go deep on the topics that impact the way Gen Zs perceive your brand

Gen Z share prolifically on social and other digital channels. But, when it comes to participating in formal research, it’s a struggle to recruit them and get them to engage.

Tap into our Gen Z market research panel or build your own custom insight community. Get instant, high-quality feedback on core issues like sustainability, social purpose, corporate and socail responsibility and more. Insights that illuminate how the issues that they care about impact their perception of your brand, products and services.


Unparalleled Gen Z expertise

The combination of our conversational methods and chat-based market research platform underscores the 3 core principles of Gen Z engagment to improve  response and recontact rates—making it easier, faster, and more cost-effective to connect with young consumers in real-time. 

1. Engage them where they are
2. Build trust and transparency
3. Create a conversation and engage authentically

Helping insight innovators succeed

Increase the impact of your insight community

Increase your

Focus on
strategic output
and storytelling

Maximize the budget for your insight community

Maximize your

Spend less on
recruitment, incentives,
sample, and panels

Get quant and qual data from your insight community

Seamless quant
and qual

Get high-quality,
customer-validated insights
amplified by video

Increase the impact of your insight community

Elevate your

Capture the attention
of your colleagues
and stakeholders

A robust Gen Z market research solution

A library of themed chats

Access a library of chat surveys proven to increase response rates and participation

Smart distributions and deployment

Send the right activities to the right participants in the moments that matter

Personalized engagements

Align with Gen Z expectations for personalized and relevant engagements with video, emojis and more

Next-gen reporting and strategic storytelling

Media-rich reporting and mobile-first toplines capture interest and inspire change

ready to go chat Gen Z library
Smart distribution and timezone optimization on the Rival Technologies platform
Personalized engagement using the Rival Technologies platform

Rival made it possible for us to collect rigorous quantitative data and compelling video testimonials in one learning stream. 

Maria Silvanskaya

Lynzie Riebling on her experience working with Rival Technologies

Rival Technologies helped me bring my vision to life, enabling us to capture data at scale and in the moment. We had higher completion rates than I've ever seen in my career. I'm excited over the outcome! 

Lynzie Riebling

VP of Insights & Strategy, REVOLT MEDIA & TV

The team is VERY responsive and supportive of our ongoing questions and needs. I appreciate the positive culture of the company and the willingness to help guide us through our process of growing our community.

Monica Rezac

Principal Engineer, Customer Experience Research, Dell Technologies

The best Gen Z insight solution in market research

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Built to meet the expectations of Gen Z

Great experiences mean better response rates, better data, and faster time to insights.

Case studies, best practices, and more

Best practices on managing Gen Z communities

Learn how to apply 3 key principles of Gen Z engagement when building your research community.

Golden rules to Gen Z engagement

Want Gen Zs to share their feedback? You need to play by their rules. These actionable tips are a good start.

Culture Keepers community

Culture Keepers, a highly engaged community of Gen Zs who are passionate about culture, helps Paramount build thought leadership and drive revenue.

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