Takeaways from the webinar: 

07:39: The key to successful recruitment is thinking like a marketer. 

08:32: There are 9 sample and recruitment sources that market researchers can tap into. 

10:47: Insights come from conversations, not a test. Think about this when designing recruitment. 

12:48: Your recruitment survey should start with an interesting question—one that research participants would be excited to answer. 

17:30: Having incentives and talking about them in your recruitment survey can boost subscriptions by 150%, according to our research-on-research study. 

22:03: Share with your community member what your mission for the group is. It creates a strong sense of transparency!

34:37: Acknowledge people who agree to your recruitment exercise by immediately welcoming them and give them a “taste” of what the experience will be like. Use an insight community platform like Rival's to automate the welcome chat. 

39:49: Use video as a “give”, particularly if you’re going to ask participants to respond by video.

45:03: When it comes to activities for your insight community, think of three things: Profile, Work and Fun. Provide a “spoonful of sugar” to balance the work we ask community participants to do.

51:04: Work with a market research firm or an insight community provider that brings diverse experience in community management, market research, recruitment, analysis, and more. 

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