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Conversational surveys: What are chats and how are they different from traditional online surveys?

Jennifer Reid
Jennifer Reid is the Senior..

Some people call them conversational surveys. Some refer to them as chatbot surveys. Whatever you call them, chats are set to disrupt the future of market research.

The popularity of mobile messaging apps—along with the continuing decline of emails—is driving the increasing adoption of chats as a new way of engaging customers, fans and employees for feedback.

For many researchers, chats represent a new and significantly different way of surveying respondents. The interface respondents see in a chat doesn’t resemble that of a traditional online survey. Respondents also have very different expectations when they’re in a messaging app than answering a traditional survey. Chats require a rethinking of how you design and write your questions and responses.

What are conversational surveys? 🤔

Conversational surveys (also known as "chat surveys" or simply “chats”) are surveys hosted through messaging apps (like Facebook Messenger) or web browsers. Unlike traditional surveys, chats are conversational and are therefore more friendly, informal and shorter.

Chats require a rethinking of how you design and write your questions and responses.

Through a mix of texts, buttons images, audio files and video, chats provide a more fun way for respondents to share their feedback. Chats rival traditional surveys by providing researchers and marketers a way to seamlessly reach respondents through apps they use frequently.

What makes conversational surveys unique?

Chats are distinct from online surveys in the following ways:

Mobile-first: Chats aren’t simply online surveys resized for mobile devices. Chats are a complete reimagining of the survey experience optimized for mobile.

Persistent and timely: Since chats are pushed through messaging apps rather than emails, people are more likely to respond. You can time deployment to get feedback while respondents are “in the moment.”

Chats are a complete reimagining of the survey experience optimized for mobile.

Conversational: Chats leverage the same channels that people use to talk to their friends and family every day. The experience feels more like a conversation rather than a run-of-the-mill survey.

A source of richer insights: Open-ended feedback can be requested as text, image, video, or audio—giving your insights more context and color.

Maximize the value of conversational surveys for insights

As you can see here, chats are more than en evolution of online surveys. They represent a new and more effective way of engaging today’s consumers for market research.

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