How we used Instagram to engage hundreds of Gen Z players for insights

20 February 2019 | 1 min read | Written by Kelvin Claveria

There’s a very simple reason why marketers and researchers are now focusing on Generation Z: there’s big business at stake. A recent article from Bloomberg shows that the post-millennial generation is set to surpass other cohorts this year, accounting for 32% of the global population.

But here’s the thing about engaging with Gen Z: traditional research methods don’t do. Gen Zs, after all, are the first true digital natives. According to a 2018 study, 98% of these consumers own a smartphone—far more than any other demographic. The expectations of these consumers are very different from the people who came before them.

98% of Gen Z consumers own a smartphone.

A recent study on Fortnite, a popular video game, examines the potential of using Instagram and leveraging online influencers to reach Gen Z consumers. The study was conducted by our sister company, Reach3 Insights.

You might be wondering why Instagram. The answer is simple: it’s hard to reach Gen Z consumers through email. Many young people don’t open their email inbox regularly. In fact, many Gen Zs have an email only because it’s required to sign up for accounts or apps. On the other hand, 85% of Gen Zs are on Instagram at least once a month. To that end, rather than deploying surveys via email, Reach3 used our platform to send out chat surveys via Instagram.

The study took on a two-phase approach. In the first stage, Reach3 engaged 50 kids, aged 9 to 18, who received a series of six chat surveys leading to the launch of Fortnite’s season six. Players answered questions about gameplay, their friends, hobbies, brand perceptions, and their expectations and experience afterward. A majority (95%) agreed to do a multi-day diary, sharing their daily gameplay, wins and in-game purchase activity.

For the second phase, the study expanded and engaged 860 Fortnite fans in the process. Reach3 partnered with TheSquatingDog, a popular Twitch broadcaster and Fortnite player, who shared a link to our first chat on Instagram. This phase involved four chats, exploring players’ attitudes, opinions and expectations towards Fortnite.

If you’d like to learn more about this study and how we executed it on Instagram, check out the video below.

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Written by Kelvin Claveria

Kelvin Claveria (@kcclaveria) is Director of Demand Generation at Rival Technologies.

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