How video feedback brings market research to life and enables richer storytelling

20 January 2021 | 4 min read | Written by Niamh Cunningham

Video feedback is powerful because it makes decision-makers stand up. It makes people take notice. 

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Many market research teams today want to gain more visibility and make a larger impact in their organizations. The ability to inspire action is crucial in delivering ROI and enhancing the reputation and relevance of your team. Besides, what’s the point of delivering insights if nothing happens with them? 

An effective but often under-utilized way of getting stakeholders to act is sharing videos of your customers. Video feedback is powerful because it makes decision-makers stand up. It makes people take notice.

An increasing number of global brands now use Rival’s market research platform to capture video feedback. From big CPG brands to premium broadcasters, from apparel startups to retailers, more and more companies are realizing that the most ubiquitous device today—the smartphone—has made it easy, seamless and necessary to leverage video feedback as part of the end-to-end market research process 

Top benefits of video feedback for market research 

In today’s data-driven world, there will always be a need for robust quantitative data. But often people glaze over numbers and statsYour team needs to cut through the noise. That’s where video feedback can help.  

Uncover deeper insights 

At its very essence, market research is about uncovering the “why." It’s about understanding the motivations and emotions behind what people do.

Videos are an effective way of discovering the authentic thoughts and feelings of your customerWith videos, you can see people’s facial expressions, hear their tone of voice and watch their body language. Videos provide rich context you wouldn’t get from text response or photos alone. 

The most ubiquitous device today—the smartphone—has made it easy, seamless and necessary to leverage video feedback.

Giving your customers the option to respond with videos opens the door for candid feedback. Our experience working with some of the most innovative brands suggests video feedback invokes more verbose and thoughtful responses from customers. 

Our ongoing research study on the COVID-19 crisis demonstrate again and again the power of videos for market researchFor example, in the early days of the pandemic, we asked our Mobile Community of American consumers to give us a tour of their pantry. As you can see from the reel below, the videos shared by the community captures the human impact of the COVID-19 crisis. The videos show not only what people were stocking up on but also how those products were being stored and prioritized by consumers. 


Tell compelling stories that result in action  

Data doesn’t inspire people to act—stories do.  

As a storytelling device, videos play a powerful role in fostering empathy. Videos let decision-makers get the unfiltered truth directly from your customers, helping create a richer understanding of the people behind the data. According to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester research, a one-minute video conveys the equivalent of 1.8 million words.

Without videos, you’re only getting and telling half the story. 

By punctuating your quantitative findings, videos can reiterate your most important points or deepen your insights. In fact, if there are any doubts about your recommendations, videos can help back you up.

As Forrester said in a recent report, “including video feedback reduces the amount of debating around customer metrics and stories—helping stakeholders to accept the truth.”

Deliver an enhanced research experience 

A growing number of research participants now prefer answering open-ended questions by submitting a video rather than typing a response. The reason is simple: speed. Talking is anywhere between three to seven times faster than typing.  

Now you may be wondering: are people actually game to share videos? Popular apps like Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat suggest the answer is a resounding yes.  

To convince people to do a video, however, a thoughtful approach is needed. Traditionally companies use an email-based survey to capture quant data and then ask research participants to log in to a standalone video research platform for videos. Unfortunately, this old-school way results to a disjointed respondent experience and requires working with multiple market research vendors and technology providers.

When we designed the Rival platformwe wanted to reimagine the experience, both for users of our product and the research participants who answer our chatsWe wanted to eliminate the need to stitch together various solutions just to get videosAs you can see in the example below, conversational surveys allow you to get both quant and qual inputs in one mobile-first experience. 


We also thought about the user experience on the reporting side. That’s why our mobile toplines make it easy to to watch the raw videos and download them or share the topline with your colleagues. For easy analysis, video transcriptions are available in real-time in multiple languages. Rival tech - Video-feedback Screen

More video-related enhancements are coming to our mobile toplines soon—keep your eyes peeled for more exciting features. 

Video feedback in action  

Don’t just take our word for itHere are some fun ways Rival customers have used videos in their research: 

  • A global giant in the food industry uses the Rival platform to conduct taste tests before launching to market to capture what people really think during the first bite 
  • A direct-to-consumer company captures videos to test the condition of its home-delivery packaging servicesgauging how that experience impacts overall brand perception 
  • A premium cable TV network asks their viewers to share reaction videos as they’re watchingcapturing in-the-moment insights on characters, storylines and more   

Video is a crucial aspect of modern-day insight generation. Without videos, you’re only getting and telling half the story. 

What’s your experience like so far with video feedback? Are you still using a standalone video research platform to get this type of data? If you’re wondering how Rival can help you get user-generated videos at scale, don’t hesitate to give us a shout

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Written by Niamh Cunningham

Niamh Cunningham is Rival's COO

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