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The trends that will define insights in 2020

Market Research Trends: 10 Predictions on the Future of Insights in 2020 and Beyond

The beginning of a new year—and a new decade!—provides a unique opportunity to reflect on the current state of  market research and imagine what's next. 

Featuring predictions from analysts and marketing leaders, this ebook is a guide for insight professionals who want to be at the forefront of innovation in the 2020s. 

Download Market Research Trends now to learn: 

✔️ How the evolving role of the Chief Marketing Officer shapes expectations for market research teams
✔️ Why 35% of organizations plan to go beyond surveys 😲 to capture deeper, richer customer insights
✔️ How to use videos submitted by research participants 🤳 for storytelling and to earn more influence, visibility and budget in the organization 
✔️ Why only 26% of consumers trust market research—and what can be done about it

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