Rival Technologies' Spring 2024 product release

26 March 2024 | 2 min read | Written by Ben Hudson

With this newest update, Rival reimagines what’s possible with AI-augmented analysis, mobile grid-questions and storytelling.

We’ve been asking market researchers to reimagine research.” Why? Because the status-quo of old-school, email-based surveys is not only impacting the industry, it’s impacting the people who work in it. Researchers are maxed out and stressed out. Anxiety about the long term impact of AI is adding to that pressure and uncertainty.

At Rival we’re walking that talk with some key developments on our platform. For me the most exciting is the way we’ve reimagined grid questions for mobile. I’ll get into that more below. We’ve also made some important update to our AI summarizer and boosted the performance of our storytelling capabilities. There’s a press release on our website I invite you to check out. In this blog I am going to share some of the features that I think are especially cool.

We’ve made AI Summarizer more transparent and reliable.

The product team has introduced a more advanced algorithm so  AI Summarizer can now process vastly more data with increased precision. But what I am most excited about is the new Confidence and Relevance scores. These scores provide researchers with a quantifiable measure-of-trust in AI-generated insights. Interpretability of AI driven outputs is a genuine concern for researchers making big decisions. It’s super important to help those researchers understand how AI uncovered the insights, where the information came from and ensure easy access to the verbatims that inform that output. Rival’s updated AI Summarizer does exactly that.

Rethinking Grid Questions for Mobile Devices

The grid question, a research mainstay, was overdue for a redesign. Conversational Grid Questions are meticulously crafted for mobile engagements, encouraging participants to provide more thoughtful responses. This approach has balanced traditional research rigor with modern mobile design. What we’ve done is taken a very old-fashioned, structured and reliable way to collect data and transformed it into a conversational methodology designed for mobile phones.

Streamlined Storytelling Tools

Rival’s storytelling capabilities continue to evolve. The overarching goal is to increase the speed and efficiency of reporting to ensure stakeholders focus on the data that matters. For me, the standout feature is the new Direct PowerPoint exports. This functionality offers the analytical finesse to tailor visuals and data within a familiar workspace, enhancing the strategic narrative without the extra legwork. It's efficient, it’s smart, and it respects the researchers’ time and workflow. Insights Reports increases speed and efficiency with automated visualizations, prioritizing visualizations for key profile attributes, sequential arrangement of data visualizations based on the survey structure and automated filters. Add to this the streamlined sharing via secure URLs, and you have a sophisticated, hassle-free reporting experience that meets the modern need for both agility and security in data handling.

Rival Technologies remains committed to challenging the status quo our industry. We’re not just keeping keep pace with the industry's needs but working to anticipate and shape the future.

The spring release is a milestone for Rival. We'd like to thank our customers for providing instrumental feedback that shapes our conversational research platform and helps us deliver the best end-to-end experience to researchers and participants. 

If you'd like to learn more about these enhancements, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Rival team.

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Written by Ben Hudson

Senior Director of Marketing at Rival Technologies

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