Rival, the World Leader in Conversational Research Technology, Announces Major Advancements to Its Platform

New AI, reporting and chat branding capabilities empower marketers and insight professionals to increase engagement, improve storytelling, and optimize the end-to-end research experience.

VANCOUVERSeptember 20, 2023 – Rival Technologies, the pioneer and market leader in conversational research, today announced innovative capabilities in the latest 2023 product release of its mobile research platform.

Built to disrupt the status quo of market research, Rival’s conversational research platform delivers unbeatable response times, engagement rates and data-quality with a participant-first ethos.

This product release enables Rival’s customers to uncover deeper, richer insights in less time using AI to analyse unstructured datasets and optimize survey authoring. Rival has also added new data visualization and reporting capabilities including easy-to-build crosstabs that boost the users’ ability to tell compelling stories and inspire action in their organizations.  

“Rival’s platform is highly engaging and has proven to deliver clean high-quality data,” says James Henderson, Senior Research Director, Urban One Inc. “Exactly what we need to delve into the world of AI-assisted research with confidence.” 

Introducing new AI and LLM Capabilities to Rival’s Conversational Platform  

AI Tone Suggestions is an AI authoring co-pilot that allows researchers to experiment with a more natural, conversational language using AI-powered suggestions to refine the tone and style. Users can edit with live suggestions or choose from a set of pre-defined tones and even emojis. 

Revolutionizing Unstructured Data Analysis with the AI Insight Summaries 

AI Insight Summaries allows researchers to eliminate the time and effort required to uncover insights buried in reams of unstructured qualitative data and video open-ends. What could take dozens of hours of analysis can now be completed in minutes.

The conversational nature of Rival’s platform inspires extensive unfiltered video feedback from customers delivering up to 700% more insights from participants on traditional platforms. AI Insight Summaries distills extensive open-ended participant responses and video feedback into concise and meaningful summaries supported by verbatims. This accelerates the data analysis process and empowers decision-makers with actionable insights supported by customer-validated feedback.

"Advancements in AI are pushing market research into new and exciting realms,” says Andrew Reid, Founder, and CEO of Rival Technologies. “These early enhancements represent the first stage of a long-term strategic plan to integrate AI deeper into our platform.”

Amplifying the Ability to Inspire Action with Next-Gen storytelling, Dynamic Data Visualizations and Crosstabs 

Dynamic Data Visualization enables users to create custom reports using a simple and iterative user interface, to run crosstabs, to analyze significance testing, and to toggle filters on and off within the graphics and charts. Enhanced sharing features allow stakeholders to use dynamic filtering to see different cuts of the data without changing the core data or creating duplicate reports.  

Dynamic Data Visualizations are the most recent addition to an evolving suite of reporting tools that include mobile topline reports, video reels and media-rich word-press deliverables. New features, soon to be released, include templated report designs along with enhanced sharing features that allow stakeholders to use dynamic filtering to see different cuts of the data without changing the core data or creating duplicate reports. And for Power Point users, the ability to export data and graphics directly into their Power Point slides for further customization.  

Dynamic storytelling requires modern approaches to better align with the expectations of our customers at Dell, Diageo and Woodside homes,says Jennifer Reid, Co-CEO and Chief Methodologist at Rival. “We’re laser focused on helping our users bring those insights to life and inspire real change within their organization,” says Jennifer. 

Delivering an Unmatched Participant Experience Remains a Key Focus 

Consumers expect personalized, relevant, and engaging experiences and reward researchers who deliver with deeper, more authentic feedback. An approach that 75% of participants found more fun and engaging compared to conventional, email-based surveys. Rival remains focussed on improving the participant experience with two new features: 

Branded Chat Skins enhance trust and transparency with a respondent experience that can be customized with your brand’s look and feel, in addition to tone and voice customizations.

Branded Contact Cards create a sense of familiarity and transparency by using a consistent phone number, avatar and branding on SMS notifications which eliminates randomly generated phone numbers and suspicious looking links.

For more information on Rival’s platform and how companies like Coca-Cola, Warner Bros. and Tyson Foods accelerate their time to insights, visit www.rivaltech.com. 

About Rival Technologies

Rival Tech is the pioneer and leader in conversational market research technology. Our platform transforms conventional surveys into personalized research experiences that emulate the text messages people use every day. Built by a team with over 30 years of deep research experience, our platform brings both the voice of the customer and market into the boardroom to answer essential business questions. Rival’s conversational approach, amplified by the power of AI drives higher response rates, boosts engagement, and accelerates time-to-insights. Our customers get faster, richer and more authentic insights with less time and effort.  

Rival Tech is used by some of the most innovative research teams in the world, including Amazon, Coca-Cola, Kimberly Clark and Land O’ Lakes. For more information, please visit www.rivaltech.com 

About Reach3 Insights

Reach3 Insights is a full-service research consultancy that develops scalable, conversational insight solutions for today’s modern, agile enterprise. Led by CEO Matt Kleinschmit, the company uses immersive, in-the-moment research designs and dynamic digital storytelling to deliver deep experiential insights that inspire action. Reach3 is part of the Rival Group and a sister company to Rival Technologies, a tech company developing chat, voice and video solutions that integrate into messaging platforms and technologies that people actively use on a daily basis. For more information, visit www.reach3insights.com.  

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