New in Chat Lab: Mobile-First Reporting to Increase the Visibility, Virality and Value of Your Insights

5 November 2019 | 3 min read | Written by Dale Evernden

Author: Dale Evernden, Executive Creative Director and Founding Partner, Rival Technologies, and Nick Simon, Chief Technology Officer, Rival Technologies 

“We spend a lot of time creating our reports, but no one’s reading them.”  

If you work in market research, it’s very likely that you’ve said the above statement at one point. Many researchers put a lot of rigor and care into creating detailed and comprehensive reports, but these insights often go unnoticed within an organization. Busy schedules mean no one really has the time to download or read a 20-page report or slide deck. Given this lack of time, many decision-makers would prefer something short, snackable and actionable.   

Extending the reach of customer insights can be very valuable for market research teams. A study from the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) found that more mature insight teams—those that have more influence in the organization—tend to share and distribute information more proactively. But these highly respected teams don’t rely on traditional reporting methods; rather, according to BCG, these teams expand their reporting methodologies by leveraging self-service visualization tools, videos, infographics and other interactive content.  

Researchers need to rethink traditional ways of reporting data to their stakeholders. 

At Rival, we believe that the work of research teams needs and deserves more visibility. As companies put more resources towards customer-experience initiatives, market research has the opportunity to deliver the timely insights decision-makers need to make better decisions. But to take advantage of that opportunity, researchers need to rethink traditional ways of reporting data to their stakeholders.  

The need to make insights more shareable is why we’re excited to reveal the latest enhancements to Chat Lab, Rival’s end-to-end insights platform. This new suite of reporting capabilities makes it easy to amplify the data and insights you get from your chats and helps decision makers in your organization get closer to your customers.  

Putting real-time results in the hands of your stakeholders 


We recently released Topline Reporting that allows you to see and share real-time data from your chats. This new feature lets you go to Chat Lab and generate a URL to a Topline Report that can be shared with your colleagues via text, Slack, email or any other channel. Both quantitative and qualitative data—including images, open-ended text, videos and transcriptions—are captured in this report. Searchable video transcriptions are included in real time so you can pull up the most relevant content.

Chat Lab’s Topline Reports can be accessed by your team, your boss or even your CMO anytime, anywhere.

Created for mobile-first users, Chat Lab’s Topline Reports can be accessed by your team, your boss or even your CMO anytime, anywhere. And since the results update automatically, you can be sure that the reports reflect the most up-to-date data from your chats.    

At Rival, we believe in delivering a superb user experience for Chat Lab users, and Topline Reports are no exception.

Providing real-time stats on chat performance  

Participation Reporting, another new Chat Lab feature, allows you to quickly check how your chats are doing. This new feature lets you see sample size, response rates, completion rates and average time to complete your chats. Just like our Topline Reports, Participation Reports are mobile-first and can be easily distributed and shared with your stakeholders.  

Improving Dataset workflows  

Our team is committed to continuously enhancing the user experience in Chat Lab. In addition to rolling out Topline and Participation Reporting, we made recent improvements to Datasets. Working with Chat Lab users, we enhanced the workflows for how you analyze, use or export your chat data. On the backend, we also put in a significant amount of work to improve the enterprise-readiness of our platform.  

As always, Chat Lab users are supported by Rival’s world-class customer success team who can help you get the most value out of our capabilities.  

Let’s start a conversation 

We believe that the role of research teams has never been more critical to organizations today. But to get executives to consume and use customer insights, it’s important for market researchers to rethink how survey data is distributed. Working with our customers, we optimized the design and experience of these reporting features to make it easy for your team to amplify your insights. If you’d like to learn more, please reach out to the Rival team today.  🤙😀

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Written by Dale Evernden

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