Email surveys are dead tech

Email surveys feel more like a test than a meaningful brand engagement—which is what customers crave. Using Rival, our customers have benefitted from:


Response rate

You get more confident,
accurate data


Faster time to action

Drive meaningful change in
your organization in hours– not
days or weeks


Re-contact rate

Engaged customers
are more likely to recommend
your brand

Built for researchers by actual researchers

We took 20 years of deep research expertise and completely reimagined how sophisticated quant and qual is executed on mobile.

Agile like a puma

Ready to connect with consumers when you are

It's very clever

Robust quant & qual methodologies

Like texting a friend

Because no one
uses email

Video out of the box

You know who watches videos? Everybody.

Big impact for brands big
and small

Testimonial for Rival Technologies, the world's #1 market research platform
“Email surveys suck. If you're not using Rival Technologies, you're missing the voices of a massive part of your consumers.”
Lynzie Riebling

VP, Insights & Strategy, REVOLT Media & TV

"I can't imagine life without this tool available to us because we've gotten such great traction in the use of our studies and with our team using it."
Dana Wade

VP, Culture & Creative Strategy, ViacomCBS

“Rival made it possible for us to collect rigorous quantitative data and compelling video testimonials in one learning stream.”
Maria Silvanskaya

Former Director of Marketing, Roblox

"The combination of hard quant and selfie videos collected on the Rival platform changed the way we presented data to Oprah herself."
Richard Harper

VP of Research, OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network

How the best in the business put us to work


REVOLT used next-gen, mobile qual approaches to understand political disengagement among youth


Hyundai used Rival's real-time capabilities to fuel product development, UX and CX decisions.


Roblox connected with thousands of Gen Z gamers to better understand their changing habits during COVID-19


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Hard sell.

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