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How Roblox connected with Gen Z gamers to better understand their changing habits during COVID-19

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Roblox, an online gaming platform, was curious to understand how the pandemic was impacting digital relationships and their "play together" mission to create a space where people can be themselves.

The ultimate objective was to better serve their customers through understanding how player rituals and routines have shifted during physical distancing measures.

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The Solution

Working with Reach3 Insights, Roblox leverages its brand affinity to recruit ~3,000 of its Twitter followers to participate in a chat. Players have the ability to share feedback in a variety of ways (including video) while exploring the evolution of their online friendships.


👉 Stronger community relationships: regular, ongoing conversations allowed players to feel listened to and appreciated

👉 Safer gaming spaces: players shared how Roblox is a safe space while commenting ways the experience could be further improved

👉 Enhanced events and features: a deeper understanding of player behaviors allowed Roblox to better meet the need of its gamers during COVID-19

"Reach3 powered by Rival made it possible for us to collect rigorous quantitative data and compelling video testimonials in one learning stream."

-Maria Silvanskaya, former Director of Marketing


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