How REVOLT used next-gen qual approaches to understand political disengagement among youth during the 2020 US Presidential Elections



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Leading up to the divisive 2020 US Presidential Elections, REVOLT TV, Sean Combs' premium TV network, engaged its mobile community of mostly BIPOC Gen Z and Millennial people to learn how they feel about politics.

Check out the presentation below featuring Lynzie Riebling, VP of Insights at REVOLT, to learn how they:

- Created a multi-phase study of innovative qualitative methods (including mobile communities) to uncover the complex socio-economic structures driving youth voter apathy and disengagement
- Connected with young voters where they are (not emails! 🙃)  and how they like it (video, text, audio) to get a deeper and more understanding of their emotions, attitudes and motivations
- Conducted robust research at scale while ensuring that the participant experience reflected REVOLT's unique brand personality

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