Rival Technologies upgrades Chat Lab platform with mobile-first topline and participation reporting and video search capabilities 

New features allow market research teams to deliver real-time insights to the C-suite 

November 5, 2019 – Rival Technologies today announced new reporting features that enable users of its conversational research platform to monitor and distribute real-time survey data. Created for mobile-first users in mind, these new capabilities are designed to help market research teams gain more influence in their organizations by expanding the reach of customer insights and by driving data-driven decision making.  

Topline Reporting provides an easy way for researchers to monitor real-time results from conversational surveys (“chats”).  With just a few clicks, Chat Lab users can create a user-friendly report that shows both quantitative and qualitative data. In addition to open-end text responses, Topline Reports also include images and videos collected from chats. Searchable video transcriptions are added to Topline Reports in real time, enabling researchers to pull up the most relevant content. The second feature, Participation Reporting, gives users visibility into response rates, completion rates, sample size and average time to complete chat surveys.

 “As more executives seek real-time access to the authentic voice of the customer, the work of the insights department needs and deserves to be elevated within a company,” said Andrew Reid, CEO and Founder of Rival Technologies. “To achieve this, market research teams need to rethink how they share these insights. By going mobile-first, there is no longer a need for 20-page reports and slide presentations, making it easier to capture the attention of key decision makers within an organization.” 

Rival Technologies, which was recently named Outstanding Disruptive Startup by Next Gen Market Research, will be showcasing these new reporting capabilities when it exhibits at The Market Research Event in Las Vegas November 4 to 7, 2019.  

About Rival Technologies 

Rival Technologies is rethinking research with voice, video and chat solutions that integrate into technologies that people actively use on a regular basis. The company's platform, Chat Lab, makes it easy for companies to create mobile agile communities of customers, fans, and employees that can be engaged continuously for insights into their preferences, opinions, and habits. The company's innovations rival traditional surveys and online communities by employing conversational technologies that reach a broad range of demographics through SMS, social media and messaging apps. Andrew Reid, Founder and Former President of Vision Critical, serves as the CEO of Rival Technologies. Rival is part of the Reid Campbell Group and a sister company to Reach3 Insights, a full-service consultancy that uses immersive and in-the-moment research and dynamic digital storytelling approaches to deliver experiential insights that inspire action. For more information, visit www.rivaltech.com

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