Salesforce integration, Recruitment APIs, and enhanced chat deployment: Key updates to Rival's market research platform

15 February 2022 | 2 min read | Written by Nick Simon

Rival’s mobile-based market research platform allows your brand to engage consumers in real time, on their phones in a way that feels organic, familiar and fun. By using chat, video, and machine learning, our system helps you capture robust quantitative and rich qualitative feedback while saving time, budget and resources.

Today we’re announcing two upcoming product updates to the Rival platform that will streamline recruitment and add more flexibility and personalization to chat distributions.

Salesforce integration and seamless Recruitment API

Recruiting to your mobile community from existing customer touch points like emails, newsletters, POS, or web forms requires redundant recruitment activities, and the labour-intensive process of pushing data to your CRM or system of record. 

Rival API Integration

This new integration allows you to seamlessly recruit to your insight community from any CRM or touchpoint to increase speed, success, and deliver an improved participant experience 

With this new update, you can execute SMS-based recruitment directly from any CRM (like Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, and Shopify) and synchronize your participants’ demographic data with your CRM/system of record, enabling you to:  

  • Leverage existing marketing lead generation and touch points to recruit to your research communities
  • Increase conversion to community and membership subscriptions
  • Append demographic data from your existing CRM
  • Control the contextual data that you want to use for each participant 
  • Select the type of data that you want synchronized with your system of record 

Enhanced distribution and deployment control

Increasingly, customers are expecting more personalized, relevant communications at every touchpoint. The same applies to research engagements. Too often, research engagements are poorly timed and anonymous, relying on recall from experiences in the past.  

This update to Rival's market research platform gives you more control and flexibility over distributions and deployments along with top line metrics that help you monitor open rates, response rates and overall engagements.  

Distribution Update Rival Mobile Market Research Platform (1)

Now with this new distribution and deployment control, you can: 

  • Configure links to be used multiple times to increase the flexibility of your chat’s deployment and enhance the management of trackers and data 
  • Offer precise control over the timing of survey participation for more creative pre-deployment strategies 
  • Create a more personalized research experience for known customers  

We're constantly innovating

At Rival, we're proud to build the world's best mobile market research platform and we're always working to improve our technology for our customers. For a sneak peek into the future of market research, connect with us today:

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Written by Nick Simon

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