How Diageo uses an insight community to optimize its go-to-market strategy

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Danica Daly - market research leader at Diageo
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In making the switch to Rival and Reach3, there were 3 things that were important to me: the technology and what it enabled us to learn, the partnership and the people I’d be working with, and the cost-effectiveness of doing research this way.

Danica Daly

Shopper Insights Lead, Diageo
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Go-to-market strategy

Provides real-time insights that guide packaging, promotions and messaging

Increase in sales

Community members provide insights that help maximize sales

Enhanced partnerships

Retail partners get insights on new drinking occasions and cocktail preferences

About Diageo

Diageo is a global leader in premium alcoholic beverages.

With a portfolio of over 200 brands enjoyed in more than 180 countries (including iconic brands such as Crown Royal and Guinness), Diageo is known both for its legacy as well as its entrepreneurial spirit and determination.

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The Challenge

The premium alcoholic beverage industry continues to undergo a massive transformation, with consumer lifestyles and preferences changing, and trends like direct-to-consumer putting pressure on companies to accelerate digital transformation.

To continue fostering the growth of its brands and attract new consumer segments, Diageo needed to get closer to consumers and capture real-time insights on what’s changing—and why. 

While community-based research was not something new to Diageo, the company wanted to move away from traditional methods and better meet the needs and expectations of the modern mass consumer. 

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The Solution

Diageo worked with Reach3 Insights to re-build Spirits Insiders, an insight community consisting of thousands of legal drinking age consumers who are passionate about spirits, on the Rival platform. 

Diageo chose Rival Technologies for our ability to seamlessly use mobile-first features like SMS notifications, chat, and video.

Working with Reach3, the company reimagined the community member experience from the ground up. Rather than using a stodgy, clinical approach in survey design and community management, the company adopted conversational research to boost engagement and deliver an experience that feels fresh, organic and fun to members.


Since working with the Reach3 team and transitioning the community to the Rival platform, Diageo has elevated the strategic use of Spirits Insiders. The insight community is influencing decisions in product innovation, retail strategy, marketing messaging, and everything in between.

In one recent example, Reach3 used Rival's mobile-first market research platform to help Diageo optimize its go-to-market strategy for a new “Spirits-In-A-Can” offering. Through a mix of quant and qual approaches, Reach3 helped validate certain aspects of the strategy, while providing specific recommendations on what to change in packaging, marketing messaging, and more—insights that helped successfully launch the product in-market.

Spirits Insiders is helping Diageo strengthen its partnerships as well. In one example, Diageo recruited members of its insight community to participate in a mobile mission to help a national retail partner better understand how to improve in-store sales. Diageo also regularly collaborates with national restaurant partners to capture new drinking occasions and evolving cocktail preferences. Insights from projects like these help bolster Diageo’s reputation as a thought leader in the category.

Today, the Spirits Insider community’s impact on the enterprise continues to grow. Leaning on this trusted solution helps Diageo drive better business performance across its portfolio of brands while also improving trust with its most important stakeholder: today’s modern consumer.

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