The scoop on Rival's latest market research platform updates: June 2021

18 June 2021 | 3 min read | Written by Niamh Cunningham

Here at Rival Technologies, we’re always working to provide the latest and greatest tools when it comes to market research, because let’s face it: smart, future-thinking research requires the tools that match your ambitions. That’s why we’re excited to share our newest round of updates to our market research platform along with how they’ll streamline and simplify connecting with your consumers for greater insight opportunities. 

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Sophisticated testing solutions your customers will love

Rival’s next-gen platform now offers testing solutions that help users figure out where they should be investing their resources, budgets and energy. The bottom line? Avoid ideas that won’t be successful by using Rivals upgraded chat engine features to rapidly test and validate your best concepts and rule out the rest! 

Updated Conditional branching & randomization workflows

Rival’s sophisticated conditional branching and randomization workflows allows users to perform complex package testing, concept testing, ad testing and much more. The best part is that our authoring engine has been designed by a world-class design team, making it quick and easy to create Chats. No more complicated workflows that are difficult to figure out and require reading documentation or contacting support 

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Intuitive authoring engine

Rival’s authoring engine supports complex workflows while making it easy on users and respondents. Quickly add and randomize blocks of questions and concepts or show respondents all or a controlled subset of your ideas. Rival's platform contains all the functionality you need to build a suite of testing solutions to distribute to your target audience in an intuitive interface. 

Next-Gen Grid Questions Rival Platform Grid Question example V2

Next-Gen Grid Questions, Grid Questions 2.0, whatever you decide to call it, it’s new, fancy, and optimized for mobile. For context, traditional grid questions show multiple questions to audiences all jam packed into a matrix style view creating a terrible respondent experience. This terrible UX often forces respondents to rush through their answers resulting in bad data you can’t trust.  

The problem with these grid questions is that they’re outdated, impersonal, and a horrible mobile experience for younger generations who prefer to use their phones to answer surveys/chats. We don’t want to use old grid questions to scare them away!

Rival has reimagined the grid question and made it conversational. Users still get to ask the same questions in a randomized way, now with the end user in mind. Allow your audience to quickly cycle through multiple statements in a fun, engaging way. Have confidence that the data you are collecting is accurate and trustworthy.

Rival has reimagined the grid question and made it conversational.

Nobody wants to do a grid question on mobile. Don't subject your customers to terrible user experiences that reflect poorly on your brand. Take your research to the next level by letting your customers know that you truly care by delivering an engaging feedback experience; they are likely to tell their friends about. 

Other cool things

We’re always set on creating complex methodologies that are straightforward for our users. Beyond these major changes, we’ve added enhancements to our piping and masking, which acts as an intelligence layer for serving up individualized chat experiencesRival’s platform allows users to build up a dynamic profile of their customers organically over-time, meaning they never have to ask the same question again. Use Rival’s intelligence layer to present relevant, meaningful content to your customers allowing you to elicit authentic, trust-worthy responses you can rely on.

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What is Rival’s market research platform? 

For those of you who haven’t heard, Rival offers a lightweight, engaging, and interactive market research platform designed to be intuitive while still offering the sophisticated tooling you need to pull in heavy data. We’re a mobile-based platform, which means we’re focused on making your consumers feel like they’re having a conversation with you (much like you would with a friend or family member) while still using rigorous methodology to support your brand’s initiatives. If you’d like to learn more about Rival and what we do, visit our platform page

And if you have any questions about what our technology can do to gather data that drives insightful business decisions, contact us directly


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Written by Niamh Cunningham

Niamh Cunningham is Rival's COO

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