Rival Technologies' fall 2023 product release: Elevating the research game

20 September 2023 | 2 min read | Written by Ben Hudson

Rival is a conversational market research platform that global brands like Kimberly-Clark, Dell Technologies, Coca-Cola, and Diageo use to better understand the attitudes and opinions of their customers. Our mission from the beginning was simple: Rival the status quo of long, boring, robotic surveys that fail to capture high-quality feedback, and inspire better business decisions.
Our conversational approach was a radical new idea that challenged researchers to re-imagine the definition of a meaningful research experience. We continue to push those boundaries today.
The Fall ‘23 product release includes exciting enhancements to our platform. New dynamic reporting. Crosstabs. Cool chat-skins. And of course, the first of many exciting AI-augmented features.

AI Tone Suggestions

One standout feature in this release is AI Tone Suggestions. Think of it as an AI co-author that will help you craft more conversational and engaging activities that will boost response rates and overall quality of feedback. With AI-powered tone and style suggestions, you can effortlessly fine-tune your questionnaires for style and tone, edit live suggestions, tweak content and apply those style to multiple questions. It's an exciting capability that will allow Rival customers to experiment with a more conversational approach to survey design.


AI Insight Summaries

Researchers face daily challenges: shifts in priority, huge volumes of work, and constant pressure to do more with less—faster. AI Insight Summaries distills extensive open-ended responses and video feedback into themes, providing concise summaries verified by verbatims and relevance scores.  

Think of AI Insight Summaries as the research assistant you always wanted. Say goodbye to hours of sifting through unstructured qualitative data and video open-ends. What used to be dozens of hours can now be wrapped up in minutes. 


Dynamic Data Visualization

Dynamic Data Visualizations are the latest addition to our ever-evolving suite of reporting tools, which already includes mobile topline reports, video reels and media-rich mobile deliverables.

Now you can build vibrant and dynamic reports with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, perform significance testing, and toggle filters from a drop-down menu or live on the graphics. Crosstabs add that final layer of sophistication and comprehension.

Keep an eye out for upcoming features like templated report designs, the ability to seamlessly export data and graphics to PowerPoint, and enhanced sharing options.

Creating even more impactful participant experiences 

In today's world, consumers crave personalized, engaging experiences, and they reward researchers who deliver with deep, contextualized feedback. Rival’s ongoing focus on delivering the best research experience possible has been elevated with two exciting new features: 

  • Branded Chat Skins: Enhance trust and transparency by customizing the respondent experience to match your brand's look and feel, including tone and voice.

  • Branded Contact Cards: SMS Contact cards create familiarity and transparency with a consistent phone number, avatar, and branding, eliminating randomly generated numbers and suspicious links.

The Fall release is a milestone for Rival. We'd like to thank our customers for providing instrumental feedback that shapes our conversational research platform and helps us deliver the best end-to-end experience to researchers and participants. 

If you'd like to learn more about these enhancements, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Rival team.

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Written by Ben Hudson

Senior Director of Marketing at Rival Technologies

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