How Coca-Cola used the Brand Experience Predictor (BXP) to refine, optimize and measure the impact of their experiential brand activations

How Coca-Cola uses Rival's and Reach3's Brand Experience Predictor

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Our commitment to experiential brand activations is real. We’re putting real dollars against these experiences. The Brand Experience Predictor is the only solution I’ve seen that is purpose built to accurately measure and understand the return on the significant investments we’ve made in this space.

Greg Pharo

Senior Global Director, Holistic Communications & Marketing Effectiveness,
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Versatile and flexible

Tailored BXP to understand experiences from digital engagement to pop-up stores and music festivals, eliminating blind spots in their current process for campaign development

End-to-end coverage

A fully integrated research program that worked across all activations uncovering insights at every stage of campaign development, from pre-testing, on-site and post experience

Actionable Insights

Coke covered the gaps left by conventional measures with reporting that complemented their flexible metrics framework

About Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is one of the most recognized and prolific brands in the world. Committing billions of dollars a year to their campaigns, Coca-Cola is a master of marketing and advertising. They are also trail blazers in the experiential activation space breaking new ground in VR, the metaverse, guerilla, on-site activations, music and festivals.


The Challenge

Recognizing that traditional media alone is not enough, Coca-Cola has deepened their commitment to experiential brand campaigns—leading a trend that has seen the global spend in experiential campaigns exceed television and traditional broadcasting.

The challenge is that most experiential campaigns rely on traditional broadcast metrics to measure their impact and effectiveness. The metrics Coca-Cola were using to conceive of, create, test and execute these activations were compiled from disparate systems that were often fragmented and incomplete. At times they relied on a combination of methods and approaches that were not integrated or comprehensive and left blind spots at key stages of concept development and pre-testing. The root issue is that most research programs are orientated towards traditional testing of television advertising which did not provide the insight Coke wanted to support their experiential activations.

The Goal

Coke wanted a solution that could meet the three design principles they have for measurement: complete coverage, versatility, and end-to-end insights from pre-test to in-moment and post visit. Outputs needed to complement the flexible metrics framework Coca-Cola uses on all their projects and align with their activation KPIs and an actionable measure of Return on Experience.

Coca-Cola uses conversational surveys from Rival Technologies

The Solution

Coca-Cola launched the Brand Experience Predictor using Rival’s mobile-first, conversational research platform. 

They chose BXP because of the solution’s unique ability to deliver actionable insights across three pillars of testing:

1. Pre-test: Better understand the potential to engage, motivate sharing on social, and influence brand impact.

2. In the moment: Engage participants in-the-moment, on their mobile devices to understand first impressions, emotional connectedness and cultural relevance.

3. Post-event reflection: Re-contact on-site attendees at future dates to understand the impact of activation on subsequent behavior and brand equity.


BXP has allowed Coca-Cola to identify key areas of improvement in their experiential campaigns on a global level. The program has allowed them to drill down on key facets of the campaign activations they want to better understand in a more consistent and programmatic manner.

The ability to pre-test ideas and track changes on a KPI dashboard has reduced the risk inherent in pursuing innovative new experiential campaigns. The normative database and next-gen reporting capabilities of the platform are hyper-relevant, actionable and sharable. Plus, a normative database combined with diagnostic feedback has allowed Coke to understand where their experiences are most compelling and where they could be optimized and refined in the future.

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