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Rethinking CX research:
How Revolt Media & TV captured in-the- moment insights for its signature event

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REVOLT Summit is a multi-day, multi-city event put together by Sean Combs’ music cable network, REVOLT TV. Attended by power-players, culture-creators, star-makers and future moguls, the conference is a celebration of the power of Hip Hop and its impact to the culture.

In September 2019, REVOLT used the Rival Technologies platform to engage attendees in the first ever REVOLT Summit in Atlanta. The purpose was to understand attendee experience in-the-moment and get insights that will inform future REVOLT Summit events.


The Solution

Rival’s technology was used to create six conversational surveys (“chats”) throughout the Summit. Many research participants were recruited onsite using QR codes to make it easy and seamless for people to pull up the chat. Rival’s team worked with REVOLT to ensure that the chats reflected the company’s fun vibe and brand personality.

The chats captured both qualitative and quantitative feedback from attendees, exploring everything from their favorite sessions to people’s likelihood of attending again. Attendees also shared their thoughts on the Summit’s main sponsor, AT&T.



The study uncovered insights about the end-to-end experience of Summit attendees. The chats revealed that 89% of attendees had a very positive reaction to the event, with 98% stating they would be likely to attend again! Eighty-nine percent of the attendees also said that the event represented the Atlanta culture well — a key goal for the event’s organizers. Hundreds of people rated the event’s sessions and shared their feedback on how the programming can be improved.

Overall, the study will help the company improve the experience and increase attendance at future REVOLT Summit events. REVOLT’s VP of Insights and Strategy also posted about the project on LinkedIn, revealing that completion rates for this project were the highest she’s seen in her career.

Key outcomes:

👉 500 event attendees recruited in just a matter of days
👉 70% completion rate across 5 different chats
👉 >500 photos and selfie videos submitted by research participants
👉 Captured deeper, richer insights that will inform future REVOLT Summit events
👉 Improved REVOLT’s partnership with AT&T, the event’s sponsor, by measuring recall and attendee perceptions towards the activation

For our first ever REVOLT Summit in Atlanta, I wanted to completely rethink our approach to CX research. A big part of that vision is to get feedback from our attendees in real-time, in a way that’s engaging and that reflects the personality, voice and language of our attendees. Rival Technologies helped bring this vision to life, enabling us to capture data at scale and in the moment. We had higher completion rates on event surveys than I’ve ever seen in my career. I’m so excited over the outcome!

—Lynzie Riebling, VP of Insights & Strategy, REVOLT MEDIA & TV

This chat is the coolest thing about the REVOLT Summit! The ability to stay connected to the conference and be heard was dope. 

— Event attendee

The chat feature makes me feel involved and feel like my input matters for future Summits.

- Event attendee


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