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How Kellogg’s used conversational research to prepare for the future of online grocery

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COVID-19 accelerated e-commerce sales, resulting in an influx of new online grocery shoppers. Kellogg's, one of the original plant-based food companies, wanted to understand how grocery shopping was evolving in order to win in the "Bricks & Order" world.

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The Solution

Kellogg’s used Rival's mobile market research platform to engage with shoppers via a conversational, multi-faceted quant and qual approach. The purpose of this research was to gather a 360-degree view of shoppers' Click & Collect experiences, perceptions, preferences, and intentions for the future. The study evolved into three phases.

Using Rival’s mobile messaging-based market research platform, the first phase was a highly engaging path to purchase understanding exercise. The study was comprised of (n=2400) current Click & Collect shoppers at one of the following retailers: Walmart, Target, Kroger, Albertson’s, Sam’s Club, Instacart. The chat included video feedback opportunities in addition to emotional elicitation exercises designed to encourage participants to think more deeply about the question they were being asked. Key objectives were to quantify motivators and barriers to conversion for Kellogg's categories and identify pain points in the e-commerce experience. The first of many chats, Kellogg’s intends to re-engage these participants over time as an iterative research opportunity to learn about shopper habits, attitudes, and opinions as they continue to evolve.

The second phase was a digital safari and IDIs which consisted of 30-minute interviews with a screen share to capture real-time shopping behaviors among (n=12) shoppers from Phase 1. Phase three consisted of discussing and workshopping key insights in collaboration with a variety of stakeholders and key retail customers.

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Optimized category purchases and fulfillment

One of Kellogg’s’ retail partners improved the "substitutions" feature to provide shoppers with more choices based on their needs and preferences. In addition, they’ve implemented a solution which allows online and in-store shoppers to leverage their coupons more quickly and easily.

Increased iterative learning opportunities

Kellogg’s has built a relationship with a target group of shoppers invested in continually giving their thoughts and opinions, which in turn has allowed the company to save time and costs on future research initiatives.

Uncovered deep emotional drivers of consumer choices

Rich video selfies helped reveal contextual dynamics behind the e-commerce shopping experience and revealed several specific optimization areas that had the potential to increase conversion.

Overall, feedback gathered through Rival’s market research platform helped equip Kellogg’s and its retail partners with the insights needed to understand the habits, behaviors, and preferences of their online shoppers and ultimately drive action within the organizations and be prepared for the future of a “Bricks & Order” grocery world.

“The ROI on the Rival platform was almost immediate. The ability to re-connect with participants allowed us to save time and sample costs, which in turn scaled up our efforts and allowed us to do more research with the same resources."

-Melissa Davies, Director of Shopper Analytics & Insights, Kellogg Company

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