KDRP relies on their insight
community for rich contextual
feedback in time-sensitive

Uncovering rich contextual feedback in time-sensitive situations

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"We have a robust tool kit and a sophisticated program at KDRP. And even with all that data we can be left with more questions than answers. This is where Rival plays a critical role; uncovering details, nuances and context with speed and efficiency that is not possible on traditional platforms."

Christine Gauthier

Consumer Insights Manager
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The go-to for, specific time-sensitive questions


Response rate from 300 out of 1971 members


Average response rate. 73% for most active members in the community.

About KDRP

Keurig Dr Pepper (NASDAQ: KDP) is a leading beverage company in North America that produces some of the most iconic beverage brands in the world including Dr Pepper®, Canada Dry®, Snapple®, Mott’s®, CORE®, as well as the Keurig® brewing system. In Canada they run an insight community of nearly 2000 members.


The Challenge

The answer to every research request at KDRP is “yes.” The team runs over 30 projects a year in addition a regular cadence of follow-up requests. As a result, they need to be responsive, agile and accurate. While the team has access to a robust tool kit, the feedback they uncover from traditional sources often lacks the specificity their stakeholders needed. In many cases conventional sources of feedback prompted follow-up questions that required the research team to dig into specific details or explore a very precise line of inquiry. The challenge was existing tools required recruiting, deployment, screening and analysis. A process that can take several weeks and cost thousands of dollars that were not in the budget. To remain agile enough to address a steady cadence of follow-up questions and manage a full-slate of planned research, the team needed an agile and engaging platform that could handle a full spectrum of survey activities in a way that was low-friction and cost-effective.


The Solution

An Insight Community made of up nearly 2000 customers who have opted in to provide ongoing feedback and insights overtime. The research team supports both the hot and cold beverage lines of business. Expectations are high and timelines are tight. They use the community to help inform innovation projects, run gut-check research and course correct. The community provides feedback on a broad array projects and initiatives across the business originating from product and innovation to marketing and partnerships. Efficiency and cost-effectiveness is mission critical for the team.

Good research often inspires the curiosity of stakeholders who ask ever more specific and granular questions. These “knowledge gaps” prompt questions that would be cost prohibitive to explore with conventional tools. With the community, they can run quick-hit research on super-specific topics without incremental cost or effort, effectively scaling their team and effort without increasing their headcount or budget.


KDRP selected Rival for three key reasons:

1. The conversational approach was far less cold and clinical. They wanted authentic, unfiltered feedback that taps into system 1 thinking.

2. The mobile-first platform felt more accessible, intimate and in-tune with the preferences of modern consumer

3. They wanted a rapid, versatile and cost-effective platform capable of running sophisticated research activities

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Rapid situational feedback from their community allows the team to close gaps in knowledge with specific, highly actionable feedback that brings directional feedback from other sources to life. Running upwards of 30 projects a year the team has cemented their reputation as highly efficient and effective group who has seen their overall output increase significantly without negatively impacting their budget or investing in costly full-service research support. A conversative estimate of the costs saving of the community compared to conventional methods are well into six figures. This does not take into account the time saved running recruitment studies, negotiating with external vendors and managing dozens of ad-hoc surveys. The average response rate for community is 48% which increases to 73% for the most active members with 300 of the 1971 members clocking a 100% response rate.

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