The ultimate guide to Gen Z market research

Gen Z consumers are powerful, and they want to be heard. But for them to engage with your brand, you need to play by their rules. 

This comprehensive guide outlines the principles every market researcher must follow to get authentic and deeper insights from this important generation. 

More connected to technology and each other than any generation before, Generation Z is disrupting the conventions of traditional market research. 

At Rival Technologies, we've revolutionized the way global brands connect with young people on mobile. In this guide, we spill our secrets about Gen Z engagement and provide tangible strategies you can use when designing and conducting research with this powerful cohort. 

Download The Insight Pro's Guide to Gen Z  to learn:

👉 What are the different subgroups within the youth market, and how do they differ from each other?
👉 The most effective channels to reach Gen Z consumers in real-time—and at scale
👉 3 principles every brand must follow to engage Gen Zs in meaningful conversations 

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About the Author

Jennifer Reid

Jennifer Reid

President & Chief Methodologist, Rival Technologies

A pioneer in online research methodologies, Jennifer is helping shape the future of insights by leading the charge in the development of chats and other conversational research technologies.