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Re-imagine how you conduct sophisticated gaming market research when you adopt a mobile, conversational approach.


It's game over for old-school tactics

In today’s competitive landscape, outdated & reactive approaches risk
gamers dismissing brands, making them obsolete or irrelevant. It's time to
level up your research.

Our approach blends conversational research design principles with the power of mobile-
messaging to engage the next generation of trendsetters and entertainment seekers to
uncover deeper, richer, forward-thinking actionable insights


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How We're Better

Gamers Love Chats

Meet your gamers where they're at. Our UI matches the expectations that have evolved out of video game culture.

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Instant Video Feedback

Empower your gamers to share stories in their own words through the power of video and pictures.

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Fast, Effective and Engaging

Get feedback in minutes on everything from strategic shifts in business to tactical executions, creative and gameplay.

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"Reach3 powered by Rival made it possible for us to collect rigorous quantiative data and compelling video testimonials in one learning stream."
-Maria Silvanskaya, Former Director of Marketing, Roblox

What you need to understand about women in gaming

Using our mobile-first market research platform, we've connected with hundreds of Americans to gather deeper, richer insights into the trends driving the future of gaming. Our latest thought leadership piece reveals why the female gamer segment isn't reaching its revenue potential.

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We have innovative ways of engaging with gamers.
From QR codes to Instagram Stories, we can deploy
chats where today's gamers are at.

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Many developers running early access periods often miss the most important part: the player feedback!

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Roblox used our tech and approach to understand the impact of the pandemic on digital friendships.

Using Instagram Stories to engage Gen Z gamers

Learn how we partnered with a gaming influencer to reach hundreds of Gen Z gamers.

Talking to customers isn’t new but how we are doing it is.

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