Key highlights:

9:28: Jennifer shares the 5 things you need to turn actionable insights into compelling stories.

16:10: Amy shares how to deliver insights that are counterintuitive or that challenge current assumptions about the customer in the organization.

17:19: How do you triangulate your findings using quant, qual and video feedback? Jason shares Dell’s approach.

20:07: Amy shares about accelerating time to insights and a recent example from HubSpot.

22:01: Customer research panels help Dell get to insights faster, explains Jason, especially their community on the Rival platform.

23:12: Being proactive and establishing yourself as a source of information are key to how Sofia maintains ongoing communication with her stakeholders at Warner Bros.

28:29: Sofia shares why the “don’t tell me, show me” rule is so important when finding and crafting your story.

30:11: Jason talks about the differences between observations, knowledge and wisdom.

32:01: Amy and Jason share their perspective on PowerPoints as the main storytelling device for most insight pros.

48:21: The speakers share their thoughts on how to be more engaging when sharing your stories to a virtual audience.

54:58: What do you do when you’re presenting your story to an audience whose background you don’t know? Sofia, Amy, and Jason share some important tips. 

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