Spiketrap and Rival Technologies Partnership Accelerates Insights for Market Research Industry 

AI-Powered Contextualization Revolutionizes Qualitative Research and Provides Deeper Insights at Scale 

San Francisco, California and Vancouver, Canada (October 27, 2021) --Contextualization analytics platform Spiketrap and Rival Technologies Inc., the world-leading mobile market research platform, have announced a partnership that empowers researchers to effortlessly gain deeper, quantitative insights from qualitative datasets.

Today, the $75 billion market research industry is growing at a 5.3% compound annual growth rate, as noted by the Market Research Services Global Market Report. Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are at the forefront of this growth, as the expansion of the insights industry has created additional demand for research technologies that both streamline processes and enable deeper analysis.

Through this partnership, Rival Technologies will leverage Spiketrap to accelerate and elevate their research capabilities with AI-powered analysis and measurement of qualitative data. Specifically, Spiketrap’s natural language processing AI will contextualize open-ended survey responses to extrapolate prevalent themes, quantify sentiment, and inform future research initiatives.

“This partnership introduces AI-powered efficiencies to accelerate trend identification and uncover more robust sentiment analysis in ways that are not possible with traditional methodologies,” stated Niamh Cunningham, founding partner and Head of Channel & Strategic Partnerships at Rival Technologies “It streamlines data analysis while improving depth of insight, creating a truly unparalleled research solution.”

About Spiketrap

Spiketrap is the contextualization company powering audience intelligence and media performance for creators, platforms, and brands. Its proprietary Clair AI extracts the signal from the noise of unstructured datasets, providing unparalleled clarity and context, particularly within high velocity online environments.

Built upon the foundation of its AI and robust knowledge graph, Spiketrap is a trusted provider of brand intelligence, influencer insights, contextual ad targeting, impact measurement, brand safety monitoring, and numerous other bespoke research and data-as-a-service solutions. It’s always-on measurement, convenient API, and intuitive dashboard democratizes data and accelerates speed to insight. For more information, visit https://www.spiketrap.io/.

About Rival Technologies

Rival Technologies is the world's best mobile market research platform. Building on 20 years of experience in the research space, we blend best-in-class digital experiences with sophisticated market research rigor in a way that inspires people to share deep, rich and actionable insights. Email surveys are dead tech and feel more like a test than a meaningful brand engagement— which is what people crave. We engage consumers in real-time, on their mobile phones, in a way that feels organic, familiar, and fun. By using chat, video, and machine learning, our system captures robust quantitative and rich qualitative feedback fast and effectively. Working with leading-edge brands like Paramount, P&G, Facebook, REVOLT TV, and Samsung, we make market research more inclusive, accessible, and relevant to the modern mass consumer. For more information, visit https://www.rivaltech.com.

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