Highlights from the webinar

In this webinar, Jason Jacobson, Senior Director Consumer Insights at Sekisui, joins Andrew Reid, CEO and Founder of Rival Technologies, to talk about the growing issue of over-surveying participants and survey fatigue. Their conversation focuses on practical solutions for CX and research pros, with Jason introducing a new framework called H-E-A-R-T. 

04:38: Andrew talks about why high-quality feedback is more important than ever. 

05:10: Factors like email overload and boring, irrelevant surveys are driving down engagement and response rates.

08:26: Jason introduces the H-E-A-R-T framework, which emphasizes the human and empathetic aspect of research. 

09:55: H is about humanizing the survey experience. "A survey isn't just a survey," said Jason. "A survey is an extension of your brand." 

11:37: E is for empowering modular conversations—a way to make longer surveys into bite-sized engagements that better align with people's behaviors and expectations. 

14:20: A stands for authenticity in community building. According to Jason, forging engagement with a smaller community of customers have enabled him to uncover deeper insights. He explains, "If I'm seeing themes, even if it's a small sample size, chances are those themes are real. And then I can stand up in front of our C-level folks and feel confident that there's a lot of validity in the data." 

18:36: Jason introduces R, which stands for responsiveness to unsolicited feedback. He says research and CX pros should look beyond surveys and consider feedback sources like social media and even sales notes to uncover insights. 

20:35: T is for tailoring to customer preferences, which is about personalizing the survey experience based on what you already know about the participant. The more we can be relevant and timely, the more likely people are to pay attention. 

27:21: Jason shares his thoughts on how we can drive meaningful, positive change in the CX and research industry. "It's showing the power of the feedback that you get... when we see higher completion rates, when we see deeper, longer, more authentic responses, it really builds the business case," Jason concluded

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