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Key takeaways from the webinar:

  • Don’t forget the “WIIFM” (What's In It For Me) for community members.  Offer compelling incentives and place the incentive promise above the fold.
  • Activity-triggered community invites via your CRM are powerful tools to recruit
  • Blended recruiting resources deliver the most effective communities. Don't rely on just one source. 
  • When using your company's social media pages to recruit, invest a little in promotion to accelerate joining and target specific demos.
  • Think like a marketer when recruiting.  Reach and frequency contribute to success.
  • Recruiting is a brand touchpoint.  Don’t turn people off with off-brand approaches and intrusive and onerous questions right off the bat.
  • Make recruiting on your website or in-app part of the customer journey.  Consider recruiting in conjunction with other traffic-driving activities, using tools like chat-widgets, landing pages to recruit.  Plan for A/B testing.
  • Traditional sampling sources like panels and marketplaces can be used to recruit communities. But you need to over-recruit from these sources—expect churn. 
  • Using social advertising requires developing creative, media buying and pixel tracking capabilities.  Ads need a very clear CTAs.
  • Influencers can work for recruiting, but can be expensive and have some  risks. Work with an insight community vendor who has experience executing this technique. 

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