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Using Instagram to engage Gen Zs about their thoughts and experiences playing Fortnite

60 percent response rate Fortnite
95 percent multi day diary Fortnite
100 plus video selfies Fortnite

Powered by Rival Technology, Reach3 connected with Fortnite playeres via Instagram to examine the attitudes, behaviors and expectations towards the game with the ultimate goal of understanding how to best engage Gen Zs.

The ultimate objective was to connect with Gen Z consumers on a platform they're most familiar with to better understand their habits and behaviors towards Fortnite.

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The Solution

In stage 1, Reach3 engaged 50 kids in six chats leading up to the launch of Fortnite's season six.

In stage 2, Reach3 partnered with popular Fortnite player, TheSquatingDog, who shared a link to our chat via their Instagram story.


👉 High response rates:900 completes and a 62% response rate shows Chats-based research recruited over Instagram create meaningful engagements with Gen Zs

👉 Ongoing research opportunities: 95% of participants agreed to do a multi-day diary to share their gameplay experience– perfect for ongoing research

👉 Compelling qualitative data: 100+ participants used video selfies to share their experiences and provide greater context in a way that is impossible to capture with conventional methods.

"Utilizing ChatLab, especially through a social channel like Instagram, let us talk to Fortnite players in a way that felt more like something that fit in the gamer world, which ultimately meant we received more authentic and useful results from them."

- Sean Campbell, VP Research, Technology & Gaming, Reach3


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