Keep Your New (COVID) Customers

A research-driven and action-oriented report revealing how COVID is changing consumer attitudes, behaviors and routines—and what your brand can expect over time. 

According to a recent recent from Reach3 Insights, 85% of consumers who've tried new brands or products during COVID plan to continue using them after the pandemic.

The study was conducted using Rival Technologies, the world's best mobile market research platform, and provides actionable insights on how to attract and retain new customers as the pandemic evolves. 

Full of actionable and specific recommendations, Keep Your New Customers is a must-read for forward-thinking business leaders who want to drive customer loyalty in today's uncertain consumer landscape. 

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👉 How COVID-19 (and the different variants of the virus) will shape major aspects of your customers' lives, including  shopping, entertainment, and work 
👉 What's most important for consumers during the pandemic and how those expectations will change the customer journey 
👉 How to use new approaches and technologies to get deeper context on evolving customer attitudes, behaviors and routines during the pandemic and beyond

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About the Author

Matt Kleinschmit

Matt Kleinschmit

CEO & Founder, Reach3 Insights

Matt Kleinschmit is CEO & Founder of Reach3 Insights, an award-winning full-service market research firm and a sister company to Rival Technologies.