Community Evolved for the Mobile World

Learn how Diageo, a global leader in premium beverages, embraced a conversational, mobile messaging-based approach to its insight community to unlock deeper, richer insights. 

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In the past year, Diageo has re-imagined its approach to community-based research to better align with how consumers live their digital lives. Recognizing that people are moving away from email, the company partnered with Reach3 Insights to adopt a mobile-first, conversational approach that enables its research team to capture robust, in-the-moment feedback at scale through the communication channels consumers use every day. The results are compelling: higher engagement, reduced costs and richer insights.   

Watch this session to learn how to: 
- Use Mobile Communities to execute sophisticated insight programs that are agile, ongoing and engaging for participants
- Combine conversational research approaches with modern innovations such as video and dynamic mobile reporting to get contextual and candid consumer feedback...and drive better business outcomes  - Leverage SMS and mobile messaging services to capture both robust in the moment quantitative and emotive qualitative insights   

- Danica Daly, Commercial Insights Manager, Diageo
- Katie Sheehan, Vice President of Client Services, Reach3 Insights
- Andrew Reid, CEO & Founder, Rival Technologies

Re-imagine your approach to community-based research

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