The Future of Insights is Conversational

For too long market research has relied on lengthy, boring surveys delivered through email to gather insights from consumers. The mobile era demands urgent and substantial change—this ebook can help you lead the charge.

Re-imagining online market research for the mobile age

Traditional online marketing research approaches pose a huge threat to the future of the insights industry. Too long 😴, too formal 😳 and too impersonal 😐. Not to mention that online surveys are often delivered through email—a channel that has become too slow and very cluttered.

Learn how the powerful combination of mobile-first technologies and conversational principles enhances the respondent experience and uncovers the in-the-moment feedback you need for agile research.

Download The Future of Insights is Conversational to learn:

👉 How traditional online research methods put your customers in “test-taking mode”—and what you can you do about it

👉 Which consumer groups you can reach in real-time via mobile messaging apps (hint: it’s not just millennials or Gen Zs!)

👉 How to use mobile-first techniques to capture BOTH robust quantitative data and rich qualitative inputs at scale in one seamless experience 🙌

👉 The conversational, agile insight methods helping global brands uncover deeper, richer insights that propel their businesses forward

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About the Author

Matt Kleinschmit

Matt Kleinschmit

CEO & Founder, Reach3 Insights

Matt Kleinschmit is CEO & Founder of Reach3 Insights, an award-winning full-service market research firm and a sister company to Rival Technologies.