The future of gaming is her

An exclusive report on the challenges facing women gamers today

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To grow, the gaming industry must fundamentally embrace a diverse and inclusive community of gamers where smarter gaming technology and experiences can be enjoyed by all. However, gaming online can be a toxic space where many women have learned to just “deal with it.”
Using its conversational, mobile messaging-based approach and the Rival Technologies platform, Reach3 Insights recently engaged with 900 women gamers in the US, China and Germany about the issues they face.
Check out this exclusive mobile deliverable —including videos submitted by gamers — to learn: 
  • Why 77% of women gamers today have dealt with gender-targeted harassment while gaming
  • How women change their behaviors online to protect themselves from harassment 
  • What companies can do to improve the experience for women gamers
This report isn't just for gaming companies — it's also for brands in CPG, retail, restaurants, telecommunications and other industries that want to reach and authentically engage with today's gaming community.