Leveraging the Pillars of Modern Insight Communities to Maximize Your Impact

Check out a recording of our webinar below. 

Highlights from the webinar:

02:11: There are three ways Community 2.0 can help you make a bigger impact: by enabling you to engage, get deeper insights, and gain more visibility for your work.

05:11: A key component to being member-first is being mobile-first—and this applies to all demographics.

08:07: To deliver a member-first experience, think of your research activities as part of an ongoing conversation rather than a test. 

15:35: Dynamic profiles enable you to unlock new methodologies and be more agile and iterative. 

19:49: Video feedback from your community can help uncover deeper insights and let you gain more visibility for your work.

21:59: Community 2.0 is a more lightweight approach: No portals or Member Hubs! No apps! No newsletters!

23:48: To recruit community members, we recommend leveraging a mix of traditional sources and well as next-gen tactics, including social sampling and APIs.

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