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Connect with Rival

@ the 2019 Insight Innovation Exchange

April 22 - 24 | Austin, TX 


We are excited to connect with 1,500 market researchers and marketers at the Insight Innovation Exchange (IIeX) in Austin, Texas April 22 to 24!

If you’re heading to the conference, here are 5 reasons why you should connect with us.

1. Discover the next wave of insights 😲

Visit us in the North Gallery (close to the coffee bar) to learn how we are helping solve two big issues in market research: email overload and survey fatigue. 

Connect with our team to see how Chat Lab, our end-to-end insights and engagement platform, can help you engage a broader range of consumers via Facebook Messenger, SMS and other messaging platforms. 

Learn more about Chat Lab in our new press release or get a detailed overview in this blog post

2. Share your thoughts 💬

Let us know what you think of the current market research technology landscape! Share your thoughts in this super short chat survey for a chance to win prizes from Rival. 

👉 http://iiex.rival.chat 👈

3. Party with your friends 🕺💃

We are throwing an unforgettable party with Reach3 Insights, Reid Campbell Group, Generate app and Jagermeister .

Join us to play with our audio-reactive photobooth, try exclusive Jagermeister cocktails, and other surprises. 

Rival Party @ IIeX
Green Light Social | Wednesday, April 24 | 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. | 720 West 6th Street, Austin, TX

4. Win 😍

Also at our party, we’re giving away a trip to beautiful British Columbia—Rival’s home province. This West Coast Giveaway includes travel and accommodation to Vancouver and Whistler.

5. Learn 🤓

Learn how Jagermeister is reimagining its brand for the new generation. Jonathan Dore of Reach3 Insights and Lucien van Huyssteen of Jagermeister will take the stage on April 23.

A Shot of Insights: How Jagermeister Uses Conversational Insights to Reimagine its Brand

Jagermeister is an iconic brand with an illustrious history. As the company looks to new areas of growth, it’s leveraging conversational approaches to better understand its target audience. Using new technologies, the company captures the authentic and unfiltered feelings and thoughts of hundreds of consumers—uncovering insights on brand perception, marketing messaging and more. In this session, we’ll also share how Snapchat is using conversational insight approaches to predict Gen Z trends.

Join us to learn how to:
1) Engage hard-to-reach demographics via social media and messaging platforms
2) Get in-the-moment feedback from consumers
3) Capture rich media (video, photos, audio) from hundreds of respondents


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